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Armchairs by Danièle Marie - "Le Havre - New York"

Yves Saint-Laurent Promenade


"This work is in the vein of purism, movement created by" Ozenfant "and" Le Corbusier ". This is why the drawing presents synthetic forms, precise contours and flat areas of color. It is the arrangement of colorful shapes that create emotion. This achievement is also a tribute to the poster artist "Cassandre" and his liner "Normandy". The transatlantic crossing Le Havre - New York which will take place in 2017 aboard the "Queen Mary 2 "also made me want to represent Normandy as a region calling for travel and the discovery of other cultures."

Originally from the Pyrenees, I have always been drawn to the seaside. This is why the Côte Fleurie and more particularly Bénerville-sur-Mer where I live, are dear to me.

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