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Armchairs by Christian Francheteau

At the foot of the Parc des Graves
Overlooking the beach


Armchair 1: "Water evokes for me the beginning of life, and without water, there is no life. Man is arrogant and does not realize the omnipotence that is mother earth, represented here by the heart-shaped armchair, but it is also "Love". Man should remain humble and observe all the magic of life that our planet offers us on earth as underwater. Beauty, fragility of the flora and fauna, represented by the different colors that I have chosen, the symbols linked to the sea, the reliefs, all that, we find it in the ocean. The little red heart located at the back of the seat represents man, so that he realizes that he needs nature to live, love and flourish; without it, it could well do without him. Man is alive thanks to the beating of his heart, and it is through love that we will succeed in saving our planet.

Chair 2: "Mother Earth, be kind, I know that you put an eye on humanity, send signs, sounds, turbulence to warn us of the currents to come. The conscious man will resist the cataclysm that will come, he it will be necessary, Love will conquer. Again life will be beautiful, the rainbow will smile, the trees, the flowers, will bloom. Man will rise. But man does not underestimate Mother Earth. "

Born in 1965 in Les Sables d'Olonne (Vendée), Christian Francheteau has since his childhood devoted his free time to learning drawing and modeling alongside his father, himself an oil painter. Since 1994, Christian Francheteau has been working in several sculpture workshops and creating sets for event advertising. What best defines his work is obviously the color omnipresent in his art, it arises in all forms and on all materials. His philosophy of life is to try to bring beauty to the works in order to raise awareness of the prettiness of life.

armchair-seine-christian-francheteau-Dupif © Dupif

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