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Abraham Dayan armchairs

"The theme of this exhibition of public armchairs being water, I wanted to mystify my work by representing" Jesus "who walks on water in front of a" poor fisherman ", a water carrier inspired by our Cosette in the famous work of "Victor Hugo", then the hope of a future life on Mars with a character disembarked from a spacecraft in order to bring the water necessary for this future Eden and to finish "Marie" on a starry sky pouring water to give life. "

Abraham Dayan born in 1960 in Casablanca in Morocco, French nationality. In 1963, at the age of 3, his parents came to live in Paris and settled there to set up their business. It carries out general studies. At the age of 18, he worked in the family business, and created his watch brand. At the age of 33, he had the vision that he had to paint and gave up everything to devote himself to painting. With his characteristic style, he exhibits in numerous national and international exhibitions.

Armchairs in Seine © CCCCF (19) © Community of communes Coeur Côte Fleurie

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