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Philippe Olive armchair

Boulevard of the Sea


"To create an armchair is to link aesthetics to comfort. Here by the sea the choice of sustainable materials has oriented my choices towards wood. An oak wood which has already crossed many decades, ready to face winds and Reuse a wood, revive it through another function, offer it another design, enhance it. These oak woods were the common thread of my approach, carrying me towards the realization of this armchair boat spirit decorated with a copper porthole. "

Philippe Olive, professional plastic sculptor for almost 30 years, lives and works in Calvados in Audrieu-France.
"His perpetual quest is materialized by an instinctive approach, he creates the emotion of an instant. The work becomes movement and clashes with matter, a search for harmony is established, it is an invitation to contemplation. Going beyond the figurative to better express lightness, fragility, feminine sensuality. Living sculptures, they evolve, reveal their various facets at will. Free form, resulting from the addition of a part of destiny, intuition, emotion for a moment. Philippe Olive takes advantage of tense curves to energize movement and propel forms into space. Playing with materials rich in nobility, with a smooth and rough, it offers a dynamic transforming the unreal into the existential, perception into reality. The single finished work has this universal harmony, releasing a vibration revealing symbols and philosophical messages of love and freedom. "

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