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Claude Hastaire armchair

Museum garden
Villa Montebello


"At first, familiar with the region, I thought that it was necessary to anticipate the work of seagulls and other cormorants; but what a layer !!! Molière" chooses "the scene in order to die there. Eugène Boudin made himself repatriate urgently to Deauville to finish facing the sea. Two admirable actors in their armchairs. "

Claude Hastaire was born in Paris in 1946. Painter, essayist, poet and photographer, he has several hundred personal and collective exhibitions in different spaces (galleries, museums, centers of contemporary art) in Europe, USA, Canada, Japan or in Korea. His real name, Claude Hilaire (he is the son of the painter Camille Hilaire 1916-2004) adopted the pseudonym "Hastaire" at the age of 16. Winner of the XVIII International Prize of Monte Carlo in 1994, Hastaire produced several hundred lithographs, exhibitions of his photographs were organized in various galleries (L'oubli atlantique, Le Vietnam regouvé ...), he also imagined furniture : Arromanches, selected by the "New-York Times" with "Puci de Rossi" and "Eleen Gray" (1987). More recently, among others, "Picabia Toads" have met with great success. He is co-founder with his friend the painter Alain Kleinmann of the "Groupe International Mémoires".

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