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Since Deauville was founded, several hydrotherapy facilities have been established in Deauville. In 1921, the Parisian architect Charles Adda won a competition organized by the municipality of Deauville to replace the bathing establishment, which was highly deteriorated at the time. His innovating project called “Pompeian baths” took inspiration from ancient models, preserving a close relationship with modernity through engraved lines and the use of concrete. A polychrome mosaics decor made by the architects-ceramists Alphonse Gentil and Eugène Bourdet breaks the monotony of concrete. The originality of this project also lies in the combination of cabins for therapeutic baths, surrounding nine courts crossed by a central aisle with several shelters, and cabins open on the shoreline, replacing the traditional individual cabins. This resort, guaranteeing the “hygiene, comfort and elegance required by bathers” is equipped with the most modern facilities: 250 cabins, including 50 luxurious cabins, supplied with fresh/sea and hot/cold water; a hammam; and shower, bathing, massage, sweating and relaxation rooms.

© Béatrice Augier
© Béatrice Augier

450 cabins are available for renting for one day, one week, one month or for the whole season. You can choose among three options:
- beach side on the famous Boardwalk;
- boulevard side with shallow paddling pools: ideal for children who love splashing about in them, under the supervision of parents… It is extra clean: one basin is equipped with a permanent water-filtering system; in the other, water is changed every day!
- bathing courtyard side: atmosphere of the Roaring Twenties in an elegant universe with atria, galleries and a fountain



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