The portrait in the collections of the Franciscans

Kourtney ROY, Selfportrait Deauville series, 2012
© Les Franciscaines, Deauville
© Les Franciscaines, Deauville

The "Jacques-Émile Blanche" exhibition continues on the Planches de Deauville where the doors of the bathroom stalls are adorned with portraits from the Franciscan collections, whether painted, photographic, caricatural or literary.
A diversity of approaches which makes it possible to question the nature of this representation, at a time when the practice of "selfie" has become widespread. What should a portrait show? Is it the singularity of a face, or a silhouette? Should it be the memory of a good time? Or should he show the inner forum of the person he represents?
The response of the caricaturist, photographer or painter is obviously different.

“Jacques-Émile Blanche” and “Faces à la mer”, every day (duration 1h30): Wednesdays and Saturdays at 17 pm; Thursdays and Fridays at 11 am; Sundays at 15 p.m.


List of portraits on display

André HAMBOURG (1909-1999), The Woman with the Pineapple, 1931, reproduction of an oil on canvas 98 x 81
André HAMBOURG (1909-1999), Baya our steward, 1933, reproduction of an oil on canvas 89 x 116,
André HAMBOURG (1909-1999), Portrait of the general's gardener, 1935, reproduction of a canvas board 27 x 22
André HAMBOURG (1909-1999), Portrait of Nicole, 1949, reproduction of an oil on paper, 10 x 12
ANONYMOUS, Mistinguett and Louis Verneuil, August 1913, reproduction of a photograph
André HAMBOURG (1909-1999), Woman with a mirror, 1932, reproduction of an oil on canvas
André LHOTE (1885-1962), Pénélope, 1939, reproduction of an oil on canvas 73x54
SEM, At the races / the largest in Spain / and the little cat, c. 1922, reproduction of a stencil on 52x32 paper
Roger CHASTEL (1897-1981), Jean Patou from Le trust des perles, 1921, reproduction of a stencil on 38 x 38 paper
Ion DON (1894-1985), Sem and Henri Letellier from Old and New, 1900, reproduction of a stencil on paper 50 x 31,7
Yvette ALDE, Portrait of A. Duval, 1956-57, reproduction of an oil on canvas 61x38
Marie LAURENCIN, Self-portrait, ND, reproduction of an oil on panel 39,5x30
Brian GRIFFIN, Portrait of Mme Chabriais, 2015, reproduction of a photograph
Bruno BARBEY, Jean-Claude Brialy in Deauville, Marie Bell and Régine, 1966, reproduction of a photograph
Charles FREGER, from the Jockey series in Deauville, 2012, reproduction of a photograph
Jean CLUSEAU LANAUVE (1914-1997), Soldier, ND, reproduction of an Etching on paper
ANONYMOUS, Foujita à Deauville, c.1925, reproduction of a photograph
Robert DOISNEAU (1912-1994), Portrait of Georges Braque, 1964, Vintage silver print on cartoline paper29X23
GODREUIL, Caricature by André Hambourg, 1959, reproduction of an Indian ink on paper 24,5x17
ANONYMOUS, Prince of Caraman Chimay and the count of Kergorlay in Deauville, 1909, reproduction of a photograph
Moïse KISLING, Portrait of Suzy Solidor, 1935, reproduction of an oil on canvas 55x38 
Kourtney ROY, Selfportrait Deauville series, 2012, reproduction of a photograph
Louis KRONBERG, La Femme au foulard vert, c.1942, reproduction of an oil on canvas 46x33
Katherine LIBROWICZ, Portrait of Arthur, c. 1958, reproduction of an oil on canvas 41x33
Mac AVOY, Sacha Guitry, ND, reproduction of a felt-tip pen on paper
La Rampe, Cover portrait of Suzy Solidor by Tamara de Lempicka, Special issue Deauville, August 1933, reproduction of a review
ANONYMOUS, Françoise Sagan at the races in Deauville with Robert Westhoff, nd, reproduction of a press photograph


COMMISSIONER: Annie Madet-Vache, Curator, future Franciscan museum





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