DEAUVILLE The Franciscans - January 25 to July 3, 2022


The exhibition in the Galerie des Maîtres at the Musée des Franciscaines pays homage to Fernand Léger (1881-1955), whose works celebrate the workers and the Normandy countryside, with those of Nadia Léger, his wife, who often echo him. This exhibition is designed in collaboration with the Farm-Museum of Lisores.

Fernand and Nadia Léger, this couple unites through art

Fernand Léger was born in Argentan (Orne), grew up in Lisores (Calvados) and frequented Trouville a lot in the 1930s. He also painted the parasols of Deauville. So many places testifying to his attachment to Normandy and its roots. Nadia Khodossievitch, born in 1904 in Belarus, has always cultivated her love for drawing. She will follow in the footsteps of Suprematism and its master, Kazimir Malevitch, one of the pioneers of abstract art. Maurice Raynal, art critic, publishes an article on the work of Fernand Léger, which will give Nadia the desire to go to Paris to follow Fernand's classes and meet him. Love at first sight was immediate, and she quickly became an assistant at the Académie Moderne, of which Fernand is the director. Already married, she divorces, and binds, for life to Fernand.
They then exhibited several times together and took part in the Section d'or, a group of artists associated with the cubist and post-cubist movements. Nadia appears in many of the painter's paintings. It is their common passion for art and profound social transformations that unites this couple. 

The farm-museum of Lisores

After the war and until his death in 1955, Léger invited Blaise Cendrars, Jean Cocteau, Le Corbusier and the Fratellini to the Lisores farm, which he inherited from his mother in 1922.
Transformed by the architect André Svétchine in the 1960s, the museum desired by Nadia Léger, née Khodossievitch (1904-1982), the painter's second wife, welcomed thousands of visitors from 1970 to 1997.
Rehabilitated since 2007, the farm-museum of Lisores will soon be reopened to the public.
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