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VILLERS-SUR-MER Le Villare> April 11 and 13


Playmobil® toy enthusiasts gather at Villare in Villers-sur-Mer to exhibit thousands of figurines, vehicles, and giant models created with passion. 

Coronavirus Information
Pursuant to government measures to limit the spread of the Covid-19 virus and fight this epidemic jointly, public reception areas and non-essential businesses are closed for an indefinite period to date. In this context, the Playmobil exhibition is therefore canceled. 
The safety and the protection of all is a priority, we invite you to respect the instructions and to apply the barrier gestures.
Visitors will be able to marvel at scenes based on Playmobil® never before seen from history or imaginary worlds, produced by volunteers from the Smile-Compagnie association, and which for some of them required several hundred 'working hours.
The public will also be able to obtain second-hand Playmobil®, rare parts, spare parts on the sales stands. Fun activities or workshops will also be offered, for everyone's pleasure!
Launched in 1974, Playmobil® is a German toy brand whose first figures were an Indian, a knight and a worker. These figurines with articulated limbs were designed to fit in the hand of a child, and are therefore 7,5 cm high and about ten grams.
In 1976, the first female figurines appeared, in 1981 the first 5,5 cm children (boys and girls), and finally in 1984, 3,5 cm babies were created. 
Since inception, over 3 billion figurines have been made, featuring nearly 5 different characters. This would be 700 times the circle of the Earth, if all the Playmobil® produced since creation were held by the hand.