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SAINT-ARNOULT - Pôle International du Cheval Longines - Deauville> February 13 and 14


For the 8th year, the Zangersheide studbook brings together the best of European genetics in Deauville.

Judy Ann Melchior, president of the Zangersheide studbook, and her whole team are happy to welcome the breeders to the prestigious grounds of the Pôle International du Cheval Longines - Deauville for a stallion expertise. It is open to all males aged 3 and over (born in 2018 and before) registered in a stud-book member of the WBFSH (World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses), and will be judged by an international jury. The foals, groomed and braided for the occasion, take - for the majority of them - the road for the first time. Depending on their age, candidates are assessed on different maneuvers:

  • - 3-year-old stallions: judged in hand and in free jumping over an obstacle line
  • - 4-year-old stallions: judged by hand and by choice in free jumping on an obstacle line, ridden on this same obstacle line or on a standard course
  • - Stallions from 5 to 12 years old: judged in hand and on a standard course
  • - Stallions 13 years and over: judged in hand and evaluated according to their official sporting performance

About Zangersheide

Before being known by its expertise, the name of "Zangersheide" belonged to stables specialized in show jumping, created in the 60s and established in Belgium (town of Lanaken). Gradually, these stables became a renowned stud farm and it was finally in 1992 that the owners founded the Stud-book Zangersheide, reference catalog of the best European stallions.


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