SAINT-ARNOULT Longines Deauville International Equestrian Complex > February 15th and 16th


The best European horses meet at the Longines Deauville International Equestrian Complex!

For the 7th consecutive year, a stallion selection known as ‘expertise d’étalons’ is organized by the Zangersheide studbook at the Longines Deauville International Equestrian Complex. During the weekend, about 50 males aged 3 or more are carefully inspected by the international jury to obtain the “Z” certification. The candidates are judged on 4 tests: model, paces, free jumping abilities, under-saddle abilities.

The 3-yr-old stallions are judged in hand and in free jumping performances. The 4-yr-old stallions are judged in hand and in free jumping or under-saddle jumping on the same track or on a standard course. The 5-yr-old to 12-yr-old stallions in hand and jumping a standard course. The 13-yr-old and older stallions in hand and on official sporting performances.

It’s a great opportunity for the public to attend a sort of equestrian “fashion parade”!

About Zangersheide

Zangersheide, before becoming renowned for its expertise, belonged to jumping-specialized stables, created in the 1960s in Lanaken (Belgium). These stables progressively turned into prestigious stud farms. In 1992, the owners founded the Zangersheide studbook, a French catalogue that mentions the best European stallions.

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