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Paleontologists have unearthed an exceptional excavation site in France, at Angeac-Charente. Every year very rare and spectacular fossil bones are discovered there. The illustrated and playful exhibition allows you to observe in 3D the crocodiles, dinosaurs that inhabited the region.

May 15March 7
The Paléospace - Musée de FranceVILLERS-SUR-MER

Temporary exhibition: "Dinosaurs - New discoveries in France"

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Photographic festival in the city

The photographic festival created by the association Les focales du pays d'Auge will take place this year in the city of Honfleur with an extension of the route in the municipalities of Beuzeville and Equemauville.

Created in 2018, this festival offers more than 1000 annual visitors an immersive and ambulatory experience at the heart of an open-air course ...

1 August15 November
Saint Léonard districtHonfleur

The Focales du Pays d'Auge

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Norman artists are in the spotlight in this hanging: Marion Alexandre's canvases pay homage to nature; Violaine Sausset surprises with her full-volume sculptures made from bio-sourced materials such as sawn wood, wheat…; the colorful and lively Marines and equestrian paintings of Anne Clabaux seduce; Alain Ponçon, a permanent member of the Gallery, exhibits ...

25 September23 October

Autumn exhibition - Feeling Art Galerie

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The Compagnie BôzArts is an association of Norman artists who will exhibit for the second time in the church of Saint-Pierre de Touques, to present around twenty painters, photographers and ceramists from all backgrounds, professionals and amateurs. Visitors will admire abstract or figurative works. No theme, but one key word: color!
Open every ...

16 October1 November
Church of St. PeterTOUQUES

Exhibition: BôzArts-sur-Touques (2nd edition)

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During the holidays, while strolling with the family, help your children to hunt ghosts in the streets of Villerville! 30 little ghosts are to be found.

The game sheet can be collected from the Tourist Information Office during opening hours. Under the responsibility of the accompanying person and independently in the city.

Opening time :
Monday, Thursday, sell ...

17 October31 October
Villerville TourismVILLERVILLE

Halloween: Ghost Hunt

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Festival of photographic creations, Planches Contact presents the works of photographers invited in residence in Deauville to match their photographic universe with the city. Year after year, the festival arouses and brings together the crossed perspectives of recognized photographers, emerging photographers and young talents.

17 October3 janvier

Contact Plates Festival # 11

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Several Halloween creatures have decided to invade the windows of Villersois merchants in the city center! So try to win the prizes involved, by helping us find them!

Closing of the game on Saturday October 31 at 12 p.m.
Closed draw on Saturday October 31 at 12 noon
Participation form to be collected at the BIT de Villers

19 October31 October
Villers-sur-Mer town centerVILLERS-SUR-MER

Halloween Showcase Game

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CARLApm has been painting for a long time. She also developed her artistic sense through her studies of architecture, photography and other schools of thought. Painting is an integral part of his life.

First, his artistic expression was abstract, in acrylic on paper or figurative. After a period of oil painting on canvas, starting with small formats of 40x40 p ...

21 October4 November

CARLApm painting exhibition

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After the success of the exhibitions presented this summer, the ephemeral gallery of La Maison invites you to discover the artistic compositions of photographer Gil Plante.

Gil Plante has built up a solid reputation throughout his career as an artistic director within various International Design agencies. In 1995, he created his own design agency, specializing in corporate design, ...

23 October1 November
The House ephemeral gallery DEAUVILLE

Photo exhibition: "Under the concrete the beautiful" by Gil Plante with the olfactory participation of Christian Tortu

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The Festival is entering its eleventh edition with sixteen exhibitions devoted to the photographic work carried out in Deauville by eight photographers - Todd Hido, Philippe Chancel, Lorenzo Castore, Mathias Depardon, the Riverboom collective, Nikos Aliagas - four young talents competing to win the Contact Plates prize and four photographers from the Photo4Food foundation.
As a guest, on the beach of D ...

23 October25 October

Great weekend Boards Contact

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What are the ears for? Who is hiding under the sand? Why does the sea go up and down every day? Discover a surprising coastline with its biodiversity and contrasting landscapes during a visit under the sign of the sea. An immersion in an unknown environment and yet rich in lessons.

23 October
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  • 23 October
  • 27 October
Villers-sur-Mer TourismVILLERS-SUR-MER

Guided tour: Beach secrets

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When we see the number of innocent people who find themselves in prison after having confessed ... Why do they confess? A defendant who cries out her innocence, a deaf and sure judge, a secretary combining lies and manipulation ... A parody of justice? A rebounding detective piece that leads the audience into the depths of the human soul.

23 October

Theater: Why do the innocent confess?

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