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Qui n‘a pas eu la sensation de venir à Poudlard en découvrant les Jardins de Coppélia ? Et bien, c’est chose faite ! Vous allez pouvoir vous immerger dans notre univers et celui de Harry Potter tout en essayant de résoudre un meurtre… Vous pourrez ainsi découvrir au programme de votre soirée :
- 17h30/19h30 : Murder party
- A partir de 20H30 : Dîner au restaurant gastronomique "Le Capucine"


31 October
478 Route du Bois du BreuilPENNEDEPY

Soirée Halloween aux Jardins de Coppélia

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Fire jugglers on a semi-circular stage, a multitude of flammable objects which waltz and fly away; this is the Ballarom challenge! Flaming circus prowess is linked to rhythmic music that colors the space. A funny fire show, full of poetry but above all impressive before a grand finale in artifice.

Hypocras and apple juice will be available ...

31 October
Place LemercierTOUQUES

Medieval evening: fire show

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A 100% interactive show.
With constant respect for the participants, Alex will provide exceptional experiences and adventures: sleep in seconds, leave for incredible destinations and emotions. Hypnosis is a modified, but completely natural state of consciousness that everyone experiences several times a day! It is by allowing participants to find ...

28 November

Saturdays Comedies: Alex hypnotist

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Passionate about miniature villages representing Christmas, Louis Germain has been collecting for many years small illuminated houses, snowy decorations, mills, lampposts, merry-go-rounds, church, little trains, characters of all kinds, and of course Santa Claus. Each year this Blonvillais completes its collection, and now exhibits a real traditional miniature mountain village, which ...

7 December8 janvier
Boulevard Marcel LechanteurBLONVILLE-SUR-MER

Exhibition of the illuminated Christmas village

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Will you be on the beach or in the water? The City of Deauville renews its invitation to meet on January 1 for the first sea swim of the year!

>>> Consult the dedicated page

1 janvier
Deauville BeachDEAUVILLE

January 1st bath

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