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When we see the number of innocent people who find themselves in prison after having confessed ... Why do they confess? A defendant who cries out her innocence, a deaf and sure judge, a secretary combining lies and manipulation ... A parody of justice? A rebounding detective piece that leads the audience into the depths of the human soul.

23 October

Theater: Why do the innocent confess?

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A story for young and old that mixes theater and illusion.
The Magicaroom is a magical place that brings together the magic of yesterday and today, Merlin the Enchanter, Harry Potter, Houdini… and even Walt Disney. Unfortunately, Blanche the Witch enjoys taking possession of the powers of the Magicaroom. Maxime Mandrake the enchanter, helped by the public, will he manage to save the magic so that ...

30 October

Canceled - Halloween Show: "La Magicaroom" by Maxime Mandrake

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Money has no smell, but when it comes to stealing it some people have noses. On Christmas Eve, Mathieu, manager of a village grocery store, is about to close his shop when Sébastien, a neighbor and on the verge of bankruptcy bursts in: it's a robbery! Sébastien unfolds, not without difficulty, his action plan when Delphine, a single mother, arrives in ...

27 November

Theater: "Here for the currency"

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This conference is part of Vladimir Fedorovski's series of conferences.

The Hess dossier ranks first on the list of great historical "puzzles". Relying on unpublished British and German archives, an exhaustive bibliography and a detailed knowledge of the secret services and the mysteries of the Second World War, Pierre Servent exhibits the first ...

11 December

Lecture by Pierre Servent: "The enigma of Hess"

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