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Spirit of the sea, Atlantic inspiration, the creators revisit the marine codes.
Powerful and luminous, the blues in a play of nuances taste like changing skies and plunge us into the depths of the sea.
Fish and shellfish make you want to take off.
Pieces that navigate between tradition and modernity.
Decorative objects ...

July 25 September
Creators GalleryTOUQUES

Exhibition: "Escale océane"

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The Touques en Fête association, with the support of the City, is organizing its exhibition and sale "Touques en Art" for the third edition.
Many artists will be presented through their works, their creative universe, in the fields of painting, ceramics, sculpture, photography and street art.
The artists will be present in turn ...

July 241 August
Church of St. PeterTOUQUES

Exhibition "Touques en Art" - 3nd edition

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The nobility of flax fiber has spanned the millennia. As the world's leading region for the production of long-fiber flax with more than 50% of total harvests, Normandy cultivates the most sought-after linens in the world. With multiple properties (hypoallergenic, antibacterial, thermoregulatory, resistant and easy to maintain), this fabric ...

12 August15 August
Church of St. PeterTOUQUES

Exhibition: "Color linen, color nature" (13th edition)

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Contemporary jewelry doesn't just flaunt precious metals and stones.
Ceramic, glass, thread, knitting, textile, leather, paper, wood, horn, resin ...
In a great diversity, a total and captivating freedom of creativity, so many materials are revealed in innovative and expressive jewels.
A real artistic recognition for these ...

10 September14st November
Creators GalleryTOUQUES

Exhibition: "Bijoux à la folie"

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Fantasy is associated with the mastery of the gesture and the richness of the materials.
Original creations with extra soul that have meaning, handmade objects directly from the workshops of craftsmen.
Pieces that highlight authenticity and the search for aesthetics.
Gift ideas for the whole family.
Decorative objects and ...

19st November31 December
Creators GalleryTOUQUES

Exhibition: "Christmas at the gallery"

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