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News: the inDeauville events calendar is kept up to date as decisions are imposed on all. Some dates have been canceled or postponed, others are maintained under certain conditions of public access.

Western Swing Trio will offer a repertoire under the sign not of “Swing”, but “Swings” with two consecutive concerts, under the magnificent Hall of Touques!

The trio formed by Pierre Touquet, Clémence Gaudin and Eric Savarit will welcome you with French swing, musette waltzes, American jazz swing, gypsy jazz swing, and finally bluegrass or Wester swing ...

3 October
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  • 3 October
  • 3 October
the Hall of TouquesTOUQUES

The Nights of Tourism: Concert of "Western Swing Trio"

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Organ concert in the magnificent setting of the Saint-Martin church in Villers-sur-Mer played by Catherine Gouillard, organist of the parish.

The music is transported here by the light of an exceptional set of 51 colored glass windows, produced by the Duhamel-Marette workshops (Evreux) at the end of the XNUMXth century.

The plus: Broadcasting of the musicians on a giant screen in the choir ...

24 October
Church of St. MartinVILLERS-SUR-MER

Organ concert

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Villers-sur-Mer associations and volunteers put on a show for the benefit of the Telethon.
Buvette and cakes on site.
2 € minimum entry in the form of a donation.
All public.

4 December
Movie theaterVILLERS-SUR-MER

Telethon: Evening show and dance

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The Côte Fleurie choir, accompanied by its chef de coeur Mathilde Marodon, will offer a concert on free donation of its repertoire, for the benefit of the Telethon, taking advantage of the beautiful acoustics of the Notre-Dame de l'Assomption chapel in Blonville- on sea.

12 December
Chapel of Notre-Dame-de-l'AssomptionBLONVILLE-SUR-MER

Telethon: Concert of the Côte Fleurie choir

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The Duodecim vocal ensemble offers a concert around Christmas carols in the magnificent setting of Saint-Thomas Church. Created in 2015 by Florence Devieilhe and Yves Capelle, this ensemble always puts warmth, spirituality and emotion at the heart of its concerts. He specializes in sacred music and in particular in Gospel and Negro Spirituals. A mom ...

19 December
St. Thomas ChurchTOUQUES

Christmas concert with the vocal ensemble Duodecim

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Created in 1990, the Russian spiritual choir "Art'O'Dox" performs all over the world and will be in churches and cathedrals of France to present a repertoire of the most Beautiful Ave Maria and Sacred Chants.
The Choir is made up of 18 singers who have all won numerous national and international awards in the "Sacred Chants" category.
Under the direction of Tatiana Izhogina, the ...

May 18
Church of St. AugustineDEAUVILLE

Concert: the most beautiful Ave Maria and sacred songs

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