The city of Touques welcomes the 43rd Antiques Fair

Open on the weekend from 11 am to 7 pm and during the week from 2 pm to 7 pm.

This show brings together around twenty professionals from the region, including Trouville-sur-Mer and Pont-L'Evêque, who will exhibit a wide range of objects to satisfy the most heterogeneous tastes.

Each stand will be devoted to a specialty: silverware, chand...

13 July21 July
Place Saint-PierreTOUQUES

43rd Antiques Fair

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The art craftsmen inspired by worldwide cultures conceive objects that are full of history. The talent of these artists approaches several dimensions: Bohemian style, wax trend, Asian inspiration, colours of the desert,... Their artistic objects with mixed styles are a journey through singular worlds. Une invitation au voyage. Decoration objects, sculptures, tableware, jewels.

On Thursday and F...

2 August29 September
Place Saint-PierreTOUQUES

Exhibition: Journey memories

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It’s a real journey to the Slav world. Gorytsvit, a Ukrainian group, performs several regional dances: wedding dance, old ladies’ dance, Oujok dance, Cossack songs. They are renowned for their beautiful multi-coloured costumes and their prodigious acrobatic feats.

6 August
Place Saint-PierreTOUQUES

“Gorytsvit" Concert: traditional Ukrainian music and dance

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"Palette d’artistes à Touques" is the meeting of 5 artists with varied creations, reminding a palette where the various colours and subjects mix up to be then transferred on the canvas or in a specific material. To revitalize this event and satisfy a wide audience, a sculptor will join the 4 painters.

As they all share a passion for art, they present a wide range of creations (paintings and sculp...

6 September15 September
Place Saint-PierreTOUQUES

Exhibition: Palette d'artistes

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