Forget about your assumptions: bats do not stick to the hair nor suck the blood. When the night comes, they fly over the hedges or along the Bouquetot forest to catch insects. Let’s observe them.

28 August
Eco domaine du BouquetotSAINT-PIERRE-AZIF

Night trip: Bat night

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The Bouquetot farm is an ancient breeding farm of the Pays d’Auge, a precious proof of the rural life and the vernacular heritage of the Pays d’Auge in the XVII and XVIII centuries. The Eco-domaine concept aims at creating a co-operation area between innovative companies conceived as an ecosystem of complementary and innovative activities. It means co-creating with the Nature through the ecosystem...

15 September
Eco domaine du BouquetotSAINT-PIERRE-AZIF

6th annual party of the Bouquetot

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