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A visual artist, two painters and a sculptor intertwine their artistic energies. A true artistic and friendly encounter, this multi-disciplinary exhibition heralds exciting pictorial, graphic, sculptural and plastic discoveries from the worlds of ML Dumesnil, Nasso, Nicole Cordillet and Alain Caillavet.

June 8thJune 13th

Exhibition: "Energie d'artiste" - Cordillet, ML Dusmesnil, Nasso et Cavaillet

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Exhibition of paintings and photographs by Anna Piccini, one of Villerville's most endearing personalities.

Once upon a time
Black drips!...
Then, bursting from the tubes
Acrylics, soon knives, brushes and hands powdered with gold!
A world in fusion, inner resonances gradually emerging through the inten...

June 10thJune 30th
Anna's workshopVILLERVILLE

Exhibition : "From the shadow to the light

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The Festival des Jeunes Créateurs is a collective exhibition showcasing young artistic talent in the visual and performing arts. Artists are given the opportunity to present their work and exchange ideas with other young artists, in a dedicated exhibition space.
Workshops will also be offered...

June 15thJune 27th

Exhibition: Young Designers Festival

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Inspired by the Flemish Masters of the 17th century and passionate about their symbols and codes, Michel Gauthier exhibits his works in the Saint-Pierre de Touques church.

Born on July 3, 1946, Michel Gauthier is the great grandson of Martin Gauthier, painter in Montmartre in 1892.
Self-taught painter, passionate since the age of 18 years, he received many...

June 22ndJuly 2nd
Saint Peter's ChurchTOUQUES

Exhibition : "Tribute to the Flemish painters

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A multidisciplinary exhibition on the world of casinos: mythical places, unbearable suspense, games, flamboyant personalities... Representations of a universe where chance, luck, fortune, luxury and destiny meet.
Historical and modern paintings, contemporary artworks, exceptional games, extracts of famous sequences...

June 24thSeptember 17th
Les Franciscaines - DeauvilleDEAUVILLE

Exhibition: "Faites vos jeux" (Play your games)

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The Villers Accueil association presents an exhibition and sale of works by its members: painting, embroidery, sewing, lace, knitting, stained glass, cracked glass, cardboard and patchwork.

Closed Mondays and Sundays.

June 29thJuly 4th

Exhibition: Work by the Villers Accueil association

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Visit current exhibitions by night and enjoy a musical break on the terrace.
A not-to-be-missed summer rendezvous just a stone's throw from the boards, but out of sight. Deauville's cultural site welcomes holidaymakers and regulars alike to the heart of its unrivalled atmosphere.
Save the date! Every Wednesday, from July 5 to August 30, blues, rap, electronica...

July 5
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Les Franciscaines-DeauvilleDEAUVILLE


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Pascal Benoît's exhibition is a crossroads between figurative and impressionist art. This Norman artist, totally in touch with nature, draws his inspiration from the seashores of Normandy and Brittany. His many works are inspired by the countryside of his origins, Clécy, Norman Switzerland...

July 6thJuly 11th
Le Villare - Cultural centerVILLERS-SUR-MER

Exhibition: Connecting with nature

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Animal sculpture goes back to the origins of art. Animals have always inspired craftsmen and artists who take us back to childhood and the fantasy of fairy tales.

With a new look, a diversity of materials, a multiplicity of creative expressions, at the edge of reality and imagination, they give birth to a new world.

July 7thSeptember 3rd
Creators GalleryTOUQUES

Exhibition: "Animal Stories

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Animals, often represented by the artist, are unveiled in a journey featuring an improbable bestiary! Cats, geese or goats populate his paintings. His travels enrich this bestiary with zebus from the Ivory Coast, horses from Central Park or seagulls from the Honfleur basin. If certain animals form the principal subject of his paintings,...

July 8thDecember 31st
Les Franciscaines - DeauvilleDEAUVILLE

Exhibition : "The great bestiary of André Hambourg

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A selection of etchings by Pierre Soulages (1919-2022), master of black and light, in partnership with Millon Paris. The artist used a variety of mediums in his work: oil on canvas, for the thickness of material and the relief it allows, ink and walnut stain on paper, and various techniques to create his works....

July 8thSeptember 24th
Les Franciscaines - DeauvilleDEAUVILLE

Exhibition: "Soulages, à la découverte de l'oeuvre gravée" (Soulages, discovering engraved work)

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The first large-format exhibition devoted to the new work by artist duo Adrien M & Claire B.
Dernière minute is an immersive installation born of an intimate experience: the death of a father and the birth of a child.
Claire Bardainne and Adrien Mondot drew on this personal story to imagine an experience ...

July 13thAugust 20th
Les Franciscaines - DeauvilleDEAUVILLE

Exhibition: "Dernière minute - Adrien M & Claire B - création 2022" (Last minute - Adrien M & Claire B - creation 2022)

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