The exhibitions

Mosaic artist Emma Biggs has designed three series of benches for the Place du Père Arson. The mosaic is described as "a structured fragmentation".

It is inspired by the forms and colors observed in Le Havre: we find the curves of the waves, the shapes of seaweed and patterns found on shells.

Place du Père Arson - 76 ...

October 29th
Place du Père-ArsonLE HAVRE

The Nights of the Estuary: "Seaweed and shellfish

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Marie.T Guillotin offers her photographic eye on the seashores of the Côte fleurie. Her sharp eye captures the right moment, the right perspective and without retouching.
His photo prints are made on Plexiglas, a technique that allows a contemporary look and that integrates in all interior decorations.

Opening hours: lunchtime from Friday to Friday.

January 16thApril 16th
Bistrot des PlanchesDEAUVILLE

Exhibition of photographs by Marie.T Guillotin : "Vues sur la Côte fleurie

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The exhibition is a plunge into the 1960s, a reflection on what these "pop" years have brought and continue to inspire on the aesthetic level. A look is taken sixty years later, on this society called, sometimes with irony, "happy", to better understand what could be lacking in ours.

Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.

January 27June 25th
Les Franciscaines - DeauvilleDEAUVILLE

Exhibition: "Pop Spirit, Are You There?"

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Just as Pop Art went from Europe to the United States to find new inspiration, this exhibition accompanies André Hambourg from France to New York, where he renews and enriches his creativity.

Open Tuesday to Sunday from 10:30 am to 6:30 pm.

January 27June 25th
Les Franciscaines - DeauvilleDEAUVILLE

Exhibition: "André Hambourg, New York 1970, drawings

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Today, the Franciscan collections are rich in more than 6,800 works of art and are presented in its Universes on an annual rotation basis. The subject of "The Body" has been chosen to be displayed in 2023 in these thematic spaces linked to the identity of Deauville, which combine original works, books and digital resources.
Bare or clothed bodies...

January 28thDecember 31st
Les Franciscaines - DeauvilleDEAUVILLE

Exhibition: "The body in all its states

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Art à la maison, a new place dedicated to contemporary art, welcomes its first exhibition, in partnership with the Parisian gallery Olivier Castaing and its Team School Gallery. This gallery wants to be a place of discovery and promotion of contemporary art in all its forms, from installations to video through sculpture and art...

February 19thApril 16th
Art at Home GalleryDEAUVILLE

Exhibition - Art at Home Gallery

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Resulting from a technique of glazing and ceramic firing in 16th century Japan, contemporary raku is an adaptation of traditional methods. The Galerie des Créateurs is dedicated to the technique of raku ceramics and presents a selection of contemporary creations with a particular aesthetic that play on the density of the material...

March 3rdApril 23rd
Creators GalleryTOUQUES

Exhibition: "The magic of Raku

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The exhibition presents, for the first time, the entire collection of Irving Penn's photographs at the Maison Européenne de la Photographie.
Portraits, still lifes, nudes, fashion photographs... The exhibition takes us on a journey of discovery of the extraordinary artistic career of Irving Penn (1917-2009). From the 1940s to 2007, from his first trips to the ...

March 4thMay 28th
Les Franciscaines - DeauvilleDEAUVILLE

Exhibition: "Irving Penn, masterpieces from the MEP collection

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11am: inauguration of the Promenade "Claude Lelouch" at the level of the Perdrisot amphitheater. An exhibition of photographs chosen by the filmmaker in partnership with Paris Match will be unveiled. The inauguration will be followed by a time of exchange animated by Christophe Mory.
12:30 pm: cocktail open to the public in the presence of the filmmaker at the...

March 26
Perdrisot Amphitheatre and cinemaVILLERS-SUR-MER

Claude Lelouch Day

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Fossilization is a very selective phenomenon. Indeed, out of all the living beings that have lived on Earth, very few of them reach us in fossil form. The nature of their morphology, their composition, the environment in which the organism lives are determining factors for their possible preservation.
This exhibition s...

April 8thJanuary 7th
Upcoming dates
  • April 8thJanuary 7th
  • February 3rdMarch 10th
The Paleospace - Museum of FranceVILLERS-SUR-MER

Temporary exhibition: "Exceptional fossilizations: treasures of the collections

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Gérard Boukhezer was born in 1949 in Paris but it is only after a meeting with the painters, Tifine and Audras, in 1987 that he has the trigger and decides to devote himself to painting. He paints Normandy with passion, its countryside, its seascapes, its beach scenes, its still lifes, its flowery gardens, it will be his Norman period. It is with...

April 8April 23rd
Saint Martin's ChurchVAUVILLE

Exhibition: "Shadows and lights of the Maghreb" by Gérard Boukhezer

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"Every door out is a door in to something else." Tom Stoppard, playwright and screenwriter of the film "Brazil"

"My visual language consists of ostensibly banal photographic combinations. These assemblages seek to subvert the viewer from the way a photograph can and should work. Each photograph is independent of the other.

April 8April 30th
Anna's workshopVILLERVILLE

Exhibition of photographs: "Portraits of doors" by Frédéric Fouillé

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