APPAAR / Atelier d'Anna presents an exhibition of digital sketches by Emmanuelle Mellot Kristy.

Emmanuelle Mellot Kristy takes numerous photos on walks in nature, in museums, or while searching for images in libraries or on the Internet, which serve as sources of inspiration for her work in the field of digital art.

December 9thApril 28th
Anna's workshopVILLERVILLE

Exhibition: "Digital sketches

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To inaugurate this Olympic year, the first Franciscan exhibition presents an exploration of the sporting gesture in its physical, technical and spiritual dimensions. The sporting gesture is an expression of the athlete's genius, between power and mastery, grace and performance. It is a formidable source of inspiration for artists.
A t...

January 27May 12
Les Franciscaines - DeauvilleDEAUVILLE

OLYMPIADE CULTURELLE - Exhibition: "Sport: for the beauty of the gesture".

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The Musée André Hambourg is sporting spirit with an exhibition dedicated to the representation of sport in the work of André Hambourg (1909-1999), a great lover of outdoor sports.
The artist, always curious about his environment, painted everyday activities. On the beach at Deauville, among the few strolling onlookers, the artist...

January 27May 12
Les Franciscaines - DeauvilleDEAUVILLE

OLYMPIADE CULTURELLE - Exhibition: "André Hambourg: Vive le sport!

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Now boasting some 7,000 works of art, each year the Musée des Franciscaines presents a selection of its collections for free access, through its Universes: Art de vivre, Cheval, Spectacle and Deauville.
Thanks to the acquisition policy of the town of Deauville, the Peindre en Normandie fund and the generosity of major donors, the Musée des Franciscaines...

January 27January 5th
Les Franciscaines - DeauvilleDEAUVILLE

Exhibition: "Architecture(s)

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Fossilization is a very selective phenomenon. Indeed, out of all the living beings that have lived on Earth, very few of them reach us in the form of fossils. The nature of their morphology, their composition, the environment in which the organism lives are determining factors for their possible preservation.
This exhibition ...

February 10November 3
The Paleospace - Museum of FranceVILLERS-SUR-MER

Temporary exhibition: "Collection treasures: exceptional fossilizations".

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New art gallery in Trouville-sur-Mer, discover La MarbRErie's new exhibition!

From February 10 to 18, 2024, discover the works of Camélia Otero!
February 19 to 29: Wednesdays and Sundays 10:00-13:00 and by appointment.

February 19thFebruary 29th

La Marbrerie - Exhibition by Camelia Otero

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A new monographic exhibition devoted to the work of Zao Wou-Ki (1920-2013). A Chinese artist by birth and French by adoption, whose artistic path borrowed from the tradition of his native country as well as from Western modernity, Zao Wou-Ki opened up a new, liberated and free path that the alleys of another world explores through the dive...

March 2ndMay 26th
Les Franciscaines - DeauvilleDEAUVILLE

Exhibition: "Zao Wou-Ki, the alleys of another world

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Pour la première fois dans l’histoire des Jeux, huit artistes ont été invités à réaliser des diptyques composés d'une affiche olympique et d'une affiche paralympique. 24 collectivités labellisées Terre de Jeux 2024, dont la ville de Deauville, accueillent successivement cette exposition itinérante de 14 affiches artistiques en grand format (2,5 x ...

5 mars4 avril
Pôle Omni'SportsDEAUVILLE

Exposition : Affiches artistiques des Jeux de Paris 2024

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This exhibition introduces visitors to the age-old practice of the nude, the "live model", which many artists, such as Anne-Marie Thouron, have confronted. Exquisite representations of men and women through the centuries. Bodies are enigmas, especially when they're nude: no dress codes, no hidden spaces, color...

March 7thMarch 19th
Center Culturel Le VillareVILLERS-SUR-MER

Exhibition: "Nudes

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The Villare cultural center presents a new themed exhibition by visual artist, sophrologist and writer Joëlle Ortega-Valverde.

The artist shares with visitors her stylized and personal approach to the plant world, using a variety of materials, highlighted and shaped in such a way as to give rise to an original work, parla...

March 21stApril 2nd

Exhibition: "Fascination

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Patterns are back with a vengeance. The decor, derived from material or gesture, sets the tone. Designs of all shapes, inspirations and colors clash joyfully. Art-deco, ethnic, plant, pop...polka dots, flowers, geometric patterns and stripes celebrate life. The singular creations imagined by the ten designers of the e...

March 30thMay 12
Creators GalleryTOUQUES

Exhibition: "Jeux de motifs

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A new not-to-be-missed event for enthusiasts of fine automobiles from 1950 to the present day has been added to the Deauville calendar. For this first edition of the Classic Car Show, more than 50 prestige vehicles will be on display along Avenue Lucien Barrière. Around a hundred exhibitors will be set up in the main hall,...

April 12thApril 14th
Deauville International CenterDEAUVILLE

Deauville Classic

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