Événements à Blonville

Drawing contest about “my favourite cartoon” for children from 5 to 11. Collage, colouring, cutting out...anything is permitted! Free inscription at the Tourist Information Office.

The last drawings must be submitted on May 10 at 12 pm. Prizes are awarded at 4 pm. Many prizes are at stake!

25 April > 2 May

10:00-13:00 14:00-18:00

Bureau d'Information Touristique - BLONVILLE-SUR-MER

Drawing contest

Come and visit the flea market of children objects taking place in Blonville-sur-mer; find clothes, objects and toys that are not used anymore and give them a second life.

Wed 1 May


Boulevard Marcel Lenchanteur - BLONVILLE-SUR-MER

Flea market of children objects