The agenda of paleontology

Easily identifiable thanks to their flattened body, crocodiles have a skin covered with large scales and a mouth equipped with large conical teeth that leave no doubt about their carnivorous diet.
Often feared, crocodiles have always fascinated men who have created cults around these animals.
However, the...

February 4thFebruary 26th

Temporary exhibition: Croc'! An evolving history

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Visitors are plunged into the world of dinosaurs, these large terrestrial reptiles whose fossils have been found in the rocks of Normandy. Learn to recognize them, discover their characteristics, their way of life, why they disappeared, do they have descendants ... so many questions that will be answered during this visit ...

February 4
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Guided tour: dinosaurs

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The Paleospace of Villers-sur-Mer is an atypical museum which proposes to go back to the Jurassic period, 160 million years ago, when a warm sea covered Normandy. Spectacular, interactive and sensory reconstructions make it a cultural, scientific but also playful place!
The museum also offers an exhibition space for the public.

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Free visit of the Paleospace

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The Paleospace presents a rich collection of fossils from the cliffs of the Vaches Noires located at the edge of the beach of Villers-sur-Mer. These fossils testify to a bygone era when huge marine reptiles hunted crocodiles and ammonites in a warm sea. With one of the mediators of the museum, the visitor discovers this Jurassic world...

February 5
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Guided tour: Jurassic Odyssey

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An evening dedicated to astronomy to learn about this discipline in the planetarium of the Paleospace and find answers to the many questions related to our celestial vault: stars and planets, movements of the stars, objects in the sky, dimensions and extraterrestrial life... A vigil will follow, depending on the weather, with live observation in the...

March 11
The Paleospace - Museum of FranceVILLERS-SUR-MER

Planetarium and astronomy night

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