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News: the inDeauville events calendar is kept up to date as decisions are imposed on all. Some dates have been canceled or postponed, others are maintained under certain conditions of public access.

A summer cycle of outdoor cultural events, offered free of charge in different districts of Deauville.

Each Thursday of this summer, the Franciscan sun loungers offer music, theater and under the stars a summer cycle of outdoor cultural events. Concerts, shows, readings and meetings, with free and open access, are scheduled in different locations ...

July 227 August

Franciscan sun loungers

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Reading lovers meet every day in front of "Le Kiosque Lire à la plage" hosted by the Franciscan team, a future place of life and culture that will open in 2021 in Deauville.

This summer you can devour novels, comics or the daily press while lying on the beach. For free, we borrow for the day - by depositing an identity document - a detective novel ...

July 1030 August
14:00 noon CEST18:00 noon CEST
Place of the six shotDEAUVILLE

Reading at the Beach Kiosk

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Pick up your game card at the Tourist Information Office and browse the streets of Villerville in search of details and facade elements…
All public.

July 1130 August
Villerville TourismVILLERVILLE

Facade game

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The tournament, approved by the French Tennis Federation, is simple and is reserved for boys and girls aged 10-12, 12-14 and 14-16.

July 318 August
Municipal tennisDEAUVILLE

Youth Barrier Tennis Tournament

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"Read and play more music again". Closely linked to the Easter Festival by its youngest musicians, the August Musical allows them to play the masterpieces of music necessary for their musical development and their entry into the career.

In nine rich and contrasting concerts, from baroque music to masterpieces of the twentieth century - from Handel to Xenakis - that's all ...

1 August14 August
Elie de Brignac roomDEAUVILLE

19th August Musical

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Tournament approved by the French Tennis Federation for ladies and singles 35-45 -55-65 years old.

Registration and online payment on the FFT Ten'Up website.

6 August14 August
Tennis Club of Villers-sur-MerVILLERS-SUR-MER

Seniors + tennis tournament

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Supported by the French Tennis Federation, the Galaxie Tennis program places play at the heart of the learning system and aims to get children to play matches while respecting the values ​​of sport.
This approved tournament is played in singles and is reserved for 10 year old boys.

6 August8 August
Municipal tennisDEAUVILLE

Tennis tournament: Master 10 years boys - Galaxie tournament

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Around a cocktail and some Norman tapas, the city of Touques invites spectators to listen, with family or friends, this group playing for several years on the biggest European stages. To attend a concert by Di Mauro Swing is to live a pure moment of happiness, sharing and celebrations, where only the pleasure of playing and sincerity reigns.

7 August
19:00 noon CEST21:00 noon CEST
Place LemercierTOUQUES

Aperitif Jazz - Di Mauro Swing

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On the program: flat and obstacle course.
Theme: Galloping Challenge

The purpose of the Défi du Galop is, through the regrouping of certain major regional and international events, to develop the promotion of the “Regional Grand Prizes” of Plat. Each participating company undertakes to program a flat galloping race each year, the conditions of which will be subject to the code of ...

7 August
13:20 noon CEST
Deauville-Clairefontaine RacecourseTOURGEVILLE

Horse racing Deauville-Clairefontaine - Flat & Obstacle

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"Pop Decennium", the new Archimedes album recorded live, released in 2019, again raises the Boisnard brothers at the top of French pop, in the wake of Jacques Dutronc, to whom they also pay tribute to on the occasion of a new song in which they "hum" at leisure, celebrating the art of hanging out. In truth, hang out, the Archimedes can not do. Evidenced by the sal ...

7 August
21:00 noon CEST
André Salesse stadiumVILLERS-SUR-MER

32nd Festival Sable Show - Pop-rock concert with Archimedes

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Typical program of Deauville festivals with spectacular works where tonight percussion instruments dominate the sound of two almost symphonic pianos. Théo Fouchenneret and Philippe Hattat find Bartók's explosive sonata there and acrobats inspired by the Xenakis trio. With the added bonus of the unique sonata for 2 pianos by the divine Mozart.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)

7 August
20:00 noon CEST
Elie-de-Brignac roomDEAUVILLE

19th August Musical - Mozart / Xenakis / Bartok

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8 August

R'Hand and you with the sea

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