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News: the inDeauville events calendar is kept up to date as decisions are imposed on all. Some dates have been canceled or postponed, others are maintained under certain conditions of public access.
10 October

Red Cross Sale

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inDeauville has prepared a varied, captivating and frightening program that will delight young and old!

17 October31 October
On the inDeauville territoryDEAUVILLE

Halloween inDeauville

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During the holidays, while strolling with the family, help your children to hunt ghosts in the streets of Villerville! 30 little ghosts are to be found.

The game sheet can be collected from the Tourist Information Office during opening hours. Under the responsibility of the accompanying person and independently in the city.

Opening time :
Monday, Thursday, sell ...

17 October31 October
Villerville TourismVILLERVILLE

Halloween: Ghost Hunt

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During the All Saints holidays, the horse is in the spotlight inDeauville. From 17 to 25 October, horse races, yearling auctions, guided tours of stud farms and a show jumping competition punctuate this event intended to enhance and promote all equestrian activities.

17 October25 October


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Several Halloween creatures have decided to invade the windows of Villersois merchants in the city center! So try to win the prizes involved, by helping us find them!

Closing of the game on Saturday October 31 at 12 p.m.
Closed draw on Saturday October 31 at 12 noon
Participation form to be collected at the BIT de Villers

19 October31 October
Villers-sur-Mer town centerVILLERS-SUR-MER

Halloween Showcase Game

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In a spirit of cooperation and support for French breeders, the ARQANA October Yearling Sale will include around 150 yearlings which would have usually been presented at the Osarus sale in La Teste. Showcase of French breeding, this sale asserts itself each year as a source of winners at the highest level on racetracks around the world.

On Wednesday, October 21, ARQANA opens a ...

19 October23 October
Elie de Brignac establishmentsDEAUVILLE

ARQANA / Osarus October Yearings Sale

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A workshop to learn the basics of photography, from shooting to the selection and presentation of the work done. The workshop is aimed primarily at 15-20 year olds.
It is hosted by Lorenzo Castore, guest of the XNUMXth Planches Contact festival and Niccolo Hébel, coordination assistant at Planches Contact and photographer.

19 October21 October
Coteau Neighborhood HouseDEAUVILLE

Photographic workshops Contact sheets - "Learn the basics of photography"

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With an annual calendar of meetings spread over seven months, Deauville-La Touques ranks first among flat racetracks in France and fully participates in the economy and the special atmosphere of the city.

An emblematic showcase of thoroughbreds, the hippodrome attracts an international clientele of connoisseurs conquered by the prestige of its Group I races but also by the selection ...

20 October
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  • 20 October
  • 21 October
  • 22 October
Deauville-La Touques RacecourseDEAUVILLE

Horse racing Deauville-La Touques

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Using plants, feathers, drawings or even negative images, you will make your own photographic prints while discovering how light can leave an imprint.

From 12 years.

21 October
The point of viewDEAUVILLE

Photo snack little Planches Contact - Atelier cyanotype

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This breeding competition, organized by Cheval Normandie, brings together 2 and 3 year old horses (geldings, females and males) divided into several categories and sections. It mainly concerns Selle Français horses but remains open to other stud-books of sport horses. Horses will be introduced to free jumping, gaits and model. The organizing team also offers a ...

22 October
Longines Deauville International Horse CenterSAINT-ARNOULT

Criterium of Deauville

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23 October25 October

Great Red Cross fall clearance sale

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When we see the number of innocent people who find themselves in prison after having confessed ... Why do they confess? A defendant who cries out her innocence, a deaf and sure judge, a secretary combining lies and manipulation ... A parody of justice? A rebounding detective piece that leads the audience into the depths of the human soul.

23 October

Theater: Why do the innocent confess?

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