Sharks, the Kings of the sea, have been populating the ocean for 430 million years, undergoing the largest ecological crises our Earth had to face. Discover their great diversity, ranging from small-size species to giant species whose teeth are bigger than a human hand.
This exhibition, organized in collaboration with the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco also evokes the great danger they are expose...

1 April31 March
Le Paléospace - Musée de FranceVILLERS-SUR-MER

Temporary exhibition: "Sharks: an evolution lasting 430 million years"

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The open-air exhibition, placed on the Port-Deauville dyke, invites you to discover the extraordinary landscapes captured by Olivier Houdart under a special light. Facing the sky, that was so dear to the Impressionists, the green symphony is an artistic break to your stroll that celebrates thirty photos. Most of them have been taken along the roads and reproduce what anybody could potentially see...

1 June15 September
Sur la digue, face aux MarinasDEAUVILLE

Photo Exhibition: Green Symphony in the Pays d’Auge region

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A water shuttle is proposed in summer from 2015 to allow visitors and inhabitants to cross the estuary and spend your day at the other side of the Seine River.
An original and practical experience >>> More information

15 June8 September
Ports de Deauville/Trouville-sur-merDEAUVILLE

Crossing of the Seine Estuary by shuttle boat

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Reading lovers meet every day in front of the “Beach reading” stand, managed by the Biblio’Tech team.

In Deauville, summer is the right time to read novels, comics or daily newspapers sitting on the beach. Here, you can borrow for free a mystery novel, a magazine, an essay, a child book for the entire day...a large selection that meets the needs of everybody, without forgetting children. Not eno...

1 July31 August
Place Claude LelouchDEAUVILLE

Reading on the beach

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Take your sample card at the Tourist Information Office and wander through the streets checking the details of the buildings’ facades...

An original game taking place in July and August.

Open to everybody.

1 July31 August
40 Rue du Général LeclercVILLERVILLE

Facade game

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For the 100th anniversary of the Goncourt Prize awarding to Marcel Proust, the Association pour la Préservation du Patrimoine of Bénerville-sur-Mer invites to meet the figures (sometimes, Bénerville inhabitants) met by Marcel Proust.
In summer, illustrated panels are presented at the back of the beach cabins along the Yves Saint-Laurent Promenade in Bénerville-sur-Mer.
Inauguration on Saturday, ...

6 July7 September
Promenade Yves-Saint-LaurentBENERVILLE-SUR-MER

Exhibition: The Belles Rencontres of Marcel Proust

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26 leading figures of Deauville parade on the Boardwalk in summer 2019. An open-air original exhibition made up by two contemporary artists invites you to see Deauville from the perspective of those who forged its story.

Simonne L’Hermitte and Isabelle Barthel, painters and illustrators, have chosen 26 known and unknown personalities that have loved, created, written, painted, played, dreame...

6 July15 September
Sur les PlanchesDEAUVILLE

“Les silhouettes de Deauville" exhibition by Isabelle Barthel and Simonne L’Hermitte

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12 free concerts are held in front of the sea every Tuesday and Friday.

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12 July23 August
Amphithéatre PerdrisotVILLERS-SUR-MER

31st Sable Show Festival

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An exhibition about horses in contemporary art is organized for the third consecutive year. It collects the works of about ten artists who worked on horses in painting, sculpting, and photography. The exhibition will deal with horse races, horse shows, polo, but also horses as respected animals that are widely appreciated by horse riders and the general public.

Exhibitors: Atrayoux, Bivort, Blez...

1 August31 August
Place Saint-pierreTOUQUES

Exhibition – Equestrian art sale: Tagad’art

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The art craftsmen inspired by worldwide cultures conceive objects that are full of history. The talent of these artists approaches several dimensions: Bohemian style, wax trend, Asian inspiration, colours of the desert,... Their artistic objects with mixed styles are a journey through singular worlds. Une invitation au voyage. Decoration objects, sculptures, tableware, jewels.

On Thursday and F...

2 August29 September
Place Saint-PierreTOUQUES

Exhibition: Journey memories

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The best players in the world compete on the equestrian fields of Deauville from August 7th to 25th.
This new edition is an opportunity to live again the history of a club that has seen the best riders hit the tracks. In Deauville, the season starts with the Ladies Polo Cup whose participants are the best female polo players. It is followed by the traditional Golden Cup and Bronze Cup.

Kids Po...

7 August25 August
Deauville International Polo ClubDEAUVILLE

Barrière Deauville Polo Cup

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The exhibition, organized by the Amicale Philatélique et Cartophile de Trouville-Deauville and in partnership with the City of Deauville, recreates the life of Deauville inhabitants during the Second World War. You’ll find about 900 original documents regarding this tormented era, letters, postcards, passes, vouchers, photos belonging to seven local history lovers and their towns.

The periods co...

15 August22 September
La ChatonnièreDEAUVILLE

Exhibition: The Côte fleurie during the Phoney War

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