Sharks, the Kings of the sea, have been populating the ocean for 430 million years, undergoing the largest ecological crises our Earth had to face. Discover their great diversity, ranging from small-size species to giant species whose teeth are bigger than a human hand.
This exhibition, organized in collaboration with the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco also evokes the great danger they are expose...

1 April29 February
Le Paléospace - Musée de FranceVILLERS-SUR-MER

Temporary exhibition: "Sharks: an evolution lasting 430 million years"

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Love for flowers and their powers, poetical or off-the-wall delicate interpretations.

Exclusive, rare or unexpected flowers. Floral atmospheres are obtained through with varied artistic and contemporary techniques and supports.

To make temporary gardens become eternal.
Sculptures, decorative objects, textile creations, jewels.

Inauguration on Saturday, June 2nd at 6 pm.

On Thursday and Fri...

1 June29 July
Galerie des créateursTOUQUES

Exhibition-sale: “Bouquet time”

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Book-lovers can meet every day in front of the stand “Lire à la plage” (Reading on the beach), created by the Biblio’Tech team. In Deauville, tourists can read novels, comic strips or daily press throughout summer, without leaving their beach towel. Readers can borrow for a day and for free – under presentation of an ID card - a mystery novel, a magazine, a documentary film, a childhood album… A l...

1 July31 August
Place Claude LelouchDEAUVILLE

Reading on the beach

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The Calouste Gulbenkian Park was acquired in 1937 by Calouste Gulbenkian (1869-1955), business man and aesthete at the same time, one of the greatest art collectors of the 20th century. He wanted to create here the garden he was dreaming about and entrusted his project to Achille Duchêne.

Seventy years after its creation, Le parc des Enclos - bequeathed to the City of Deauville in 1973 - remai...

1 July2 September
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  • 6 September8 September
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  • 3 October6 October
  • 10 October13 October
  • 17 October19 October
Chemin des EnclosDEAUVILLE

Open Day at the Calouste Gulbenkian Park

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Monique Marie and Jean-Paul Baudry are back for the second time to exhibit their works at the Villare.
Monique Marie has been working with watercolours, oil and acrylic for 14 years. Jean-Paud Baudry has dedicated to stone carving since 2006.

6 July19 July
26 rue du Général de GaulleVILLERS-SUR-MER

Painting and sculpture exhibition: Monique Marie and Jean-Paul Baudry

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The season approaches and, to let you enjoy as soon as possible, the artists of the Folie Douce by Barrière Deauville are back for 9 days from March 31 and every day from July 6th.

Open all year long on the Boardwalk of Deauville, La Folie Douce is characterized by a bit of “folie” (madness), and a childish spirit.
From March 31st, the artists of La Folie Douce come back with a new show on the ...

6 July2 September
La Folie Douce by Barrière DeauvilleTOURGEVILLE

The Cabaret by La Folie Douce by Barrière Deauville

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Delacroix, Monet, Bonnard, Doisneau… Peindre en Normandie Collection & Musée des Franciscaines Collection

A great treasure hunt is launched! Download the “Geocaching” application on your smartphone and find entrance tickets for the exhibition, hidden in the surroundings of the Point de Vue. Ready, steady, go! Organized by Charlotte Bicherel, Médiathèque de Deauville. Practical information: All...

8 July16 September

Summer exhibition - Artists in Normandy - GEOCACHES

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Turf tournament for men and women, playing single matches. Women competitions: - Women singles - 11-year-olds - Women singles - 12-year-olds - Women singles - 13/14-year-olds - Women singles - 15/16-year-olds - Women singles - 17/18-year-olds
Men competitions: - Men singles - 11-year-olds - Men singles - 12-year-olds - Men singles - 13/14-year-olds - Men singles - 15/16-year-olds - Men singles - ...

12 July20 July
Lawn Tennis Club Deauville-NormandieDEAUVILLE

Tennis: Open Junior tournament

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Rendez-vous incontournable de la musique live sur la Côte Fleurie, le festival Sable Show fait vibrer l’été dans un grand mouvement de fête partagé du 8 juillet au 22 août, tous les mardis et vendredis.

Ouvert et éclectique, le festival s’ouvre à différents univers musicaux et à différentes démarches artistiques afin de vous proposer des moments uniques et authentiques. L’artiste ici est proche ...

13 July24 August
Amphithéatre PerdrisotVILLERS-SUR-MER

26ème Festival sable show

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