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Passionate benefactor

Armand Esders is a visionary industrialist at the head of a textile company which he took over and developed following his father. In 1929, seduced by Deauville, he bought a Villa there where he received the Deauville personalities of the time including André Citroën and Henri Farman.
These friendships are in line with his three passions: cars, yachting and aviation. The Deauville of the 30s will allow him to fully devote himself to it. Armand Esders will allocate part of his personal fortune to support the development of Deauville and to strengthen the well-being and leisure of Deauville residents. Animator of the Deauville Yacht Club, initiator of the 1936 Deauville Automobile Grand Prix (which only took place once), donor for the construction of workers' housing, he launched in 1929 alongside Eugène Colas, Mayor of the period, the construction of Saint Gatien airport. It contributes financially to the purchase of the land, to the works and then to the creation of meetings and events. Eight decades after its creation Deauville Normandy Airport and has become an airport serving all Normans.

Because he had a taste for public affairs and was one of the builders of Deauville, Deauville gave its name to the street which leads from Avenue de la République to the Saint-Augustin Church.
His name has also been inscribed since the 30s on the upper part of the nave of the Saint Augustin Church, for which he partially funded the renovation and enlargement between 1929 and 1931.
From 1935 to 1940, during Robert Fossorier's first mandate, Armand Esders was a municipal councilor for Deauville.