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Post-Cancer stopover

At the Thalasso Deauville by Algotherm

With its new Post-Cancer Escale, the Thalasso Deauville by Algotherm offers a saving parenthesis for people in remission from a cancerous disease thanks to the restorative virtues of sea water and specific care techniques. A few hours of sweetness and kindness to regain confidence and self-esteem.

Hydromassage bath at Deauville Thalasso by AlgothermStefan Mucchielli

A tailor-made support program

A therapeutic approach of alternative medicine, the Escale Post-Cancer is a half-day support towards rehabilitation to let go and help people in remission to alleviate their physical and psychological after-effects linked to heavy treatments. The care is provided by a therapist using different approaches (massages, reflex techniques, relaxation therapy, osteo-articular mobilization, breathing).

Cette escale se veut être une parenthèse qui prend aussi bien en compte la dimension sensorielle qu’émotionnelle de la maladie grâce à trois soins spécifiques. La journée démarre par un échange avec le thérapeute qui va effectuer une palpation anatomique douce pendant 1h30. Deux soins relaxants complémentaires sont à choisir parmi un bain hydromassant ou bouillonnant (20 min) et une application de boues marines ou un hydrojet (20 min). L'Escale Post-Cancer offre un accès gratuit et direct à la Piscine Olympique de Deauville, à la piscine de la Thalasso, à la salle de musculation et cardio-training, au sauna, au hammam, au roof top et à la salle de repos, avec tisanes bio Deep Nature.


Description of care

  • Hydromassage bath: hydromassage of the whole body carried out by multiple jets of sea water between 32 ° C and 37 ° C, associated with essential oils
  • Whirlpool bath: gentle general massage performed in seawater with algae. The movement and temperature of the hot tub water are known to relieve heavy legs and boost blood circulation.
  • Application of marine mud: known for its analgesic, anti-inflammatory and detoxifying action, marine mud from the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel can effectively fight rheumatism
  • Hydrojet: on a flexible mattress, jets of hot water are pulsed all along the body. The warmth of the water promotes restful sleep, the pressure of the water invigorates the figure and the jet massage unravels the muscles


Why choose a gentle approach in Thalasso?

L'Escale Post-Cancer responds to the cutaneous side effects of anti-cancer treatments, such as burns, dryness of the skin or even scars. The treatments offered are made from seawater, with exceptional properties and numerous healing, moisturizing and soothing virtues. Algae and sea mud complete the care, rich in trace elements, vitamins and minerals. These active ingredients enter the body to recharge the body according to its needs. Their actions are multiple: regenerate muscle cells, oxygenate tissues, consolidate bones and fight against stress.

Deauville Thalasso by Algotherm

in a few words

A must for a successful stay in Deauville, the Deauville by Algotherm Thalasso is dedicated to well-being, relaxation of body and mind and the multiple benefits of marine active ingredients. Espace Thalasso is equipped with 13 hydro cabins for sea water treatments such as hydromassage and whirlpool baths, a sauna, a double whirlpool and two sea water pools. The Club de Sport offers lessons every day of the week in a weight room, on the beach or in a seawater pool.


Algotherm Thalasso Deauville

3 Sem Street

Useful information

Price: 159 € per person

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Deauville Thalasso by Algotherm
3 Sem Street
14800 Deauville

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