English teatime

Some people prefer tea instead of coffee. Tea houses generally are small and nice, with a delicate and elegant decoration, often cosy and of British inspiration. It’s true that the English teatime is a moment of the day we would never miss. Let’s imagine you have a teapot and a dish full of pastries in front of you. How could you avoid being tempted?

English style

Dupont avec un Thé

This blue-painted tea house characterized by the French elegance offers fine and delicate pastries. Brightly coloured macarons, a tall and noble religieuse, the famous Sévigné with almonds and even the lightly perfumed madeleine mentioned by Proust. Every pastry is created with love by Jean-Pierre Etienvre, appointed Meilleur Ouvrier de France. And if you feel like eating chocolate, you can crunch a delicious square of milk or dark chocolate filled with praline.

20 place Morny
02 31 88 20 79

Warm atmosphere

Bar of the Hôtel Barrière Le Normandy Deauville

The genuine charm of the Hôtel Barrière Le Normandy Bar is made up of wooden walls, soft armchairs and a warm atmosphere reminding that of a literary salon. It’s the perfect place to sip a fine tea of the Pascal Hamour organic selection.

Normandy Barrière

Hôtel Normandy

38, rue Jean Mermoz 14800 Deauville +33 (0)

Tea with sea view

The tea house of the Hôtel Outre-Mer


In a coloured and relaxing tea house, furnished with comfortable armchairs and coffee tables, the Hôtel Outre-Mer de Villers-sur-Mer is an oasis of peace to enjoy at the tea time. Every day, a selection of homemade pastries produced with organic flour and farm eggs is proposed. We wouldn’t miss for anything in the world a slice of fondant au chocolat accompanied by a wide range of fragrant teas, a rare coffee or a gourmet hot chocolate.

Tea House of the Hôtel Outre-Mer

1, Rue du Général Leclerc 14640 Villers-sur-Mer +33 (0)

A surprising place

Le Comptoir du Voyageur


Le Comptoir du Voyageur is an astonishing place, serving as a boutique and a tea house. It has nice decoration items like glassware, candles or table linen. In this cosy place, you can sit around a table to sip a tea accompanied by a traditional pastry like macarons (ancient recipe) or moelleux.

38 avenue Michel d'Ornano
02 31 81 15 46