December 03, 2019

Emmanuelle Mellot Kristy, artist in Villerville, joins the inDeauville network

Since moving to Villerville a little over two years ago, Emmanuelle Mellot Kristy has repeatedly organized workshops and artistic meetings to transmit and share art and techniques. She chose to join the network in Deauville to go further and invite to create on our territory. A place she finds fascinating.

Wild, it offers a rare palette of landscapes between coast, marsh, forest and countryside.

Her "journey" - which she details on her site - is impressive. A graduate of the National School of Fine Arts in Paris, she learned engraving and ceramics through the fine arts workshops of the City of Paris. She teaches in turn for almost ten years in a workshop that she creates and shares with a lithographer - the workshop of Elm - and signs in parallel exhibitions, frescoes and light sculptures for different places: The Theater The Temple of Paris, the Le Chaplin Denfert cinema, and the CIM radiology center.
The common thread of his work is the landscape. Passionate about geography, travel and expeditions have marked her life. It started in 1998. For a CNRS geographic expedition on the “North” Silk Road, she produced drawings and watercolors. Then it will be Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego where it follows geographers on Route 40. It is today Member of the Management Committee of the Society of French Explorers.

On Villerville beach, at the bottom of Parc des Graves, she also experienced a land art workshop. All the materials are there for that: clay at the foot of the cliffs and water to soften and work it. There are also red brick remains. The moment is ephemeral in principle: the landscape offers everything you need to create and the sea takes everything away.
Emmanuelle wants to give more scope to the activity next summer by inviting more people to participate and by imagining a festive "after work".

After a Parisian life punctuated back and forth in Villerville for ten years, she decides with her husband to settle here, without giving up her desire to share and teach. In her workshop, she has already organized summer initiation courses in printmaking and engraving. In groups of four, it welcomes beginners or experienced people who sometimes travel from afar. Soon, she will offer ceramic internships, a technique she resumes after a few years of interruption thanks to the acquisition of a new oven. At the same time, she kept an interior decorator activity.


Her favorite places

Villerville beach unquestionably.
The shared gardens of the castle. 70 to 80 people join this association and cultivate the land that can be seen from the road in permaculture. The association is a strong social cement for the village. It generates numerous exchanges, workshops, meetings, dinners ... In Villerville, if the inhabitants come from very different horizons, they enjoy meeting and feeling surrounded.

More information

Emmanuelle Mellot Kristy's news is to follow on inDeauville but also on her Facebook.
His objects are sold by the Galerie Chris Boicos Fine Arts (boicosfinearts.com).


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