March 12, 2018

Emmanuel Van Cappel back in Deauville

"She...Emoi" or the paradox of the musician.

Emmanuel Van Cappel, alias Manoche, plays virtuoso with words and with the sounds of his trumpets. It is a pleasure to find the actor, author and musician in his new show inspired by his devouring passion for women. Those who accompany his life, giving him endless happiness: his trumpets.

Funny and moving, this concerto for two voices "She and He" tells us everything or almost everything that is played between a musical instrument and its musician.

We discovered Manoche and his piston during the presentation of the 13/14 Cultural Season, and we were delighted by his humor and his musical punctuations. Now he is Emmanuel Van Cappel again, the musician-comedian, juggler of words, who spent a large part of his life in the pits of orchestras, offers us this time a show composed of "Diversions or musical digressions and confessions with double meaning". With a lot of mischief, with a touching humanism, the artist moves us in his truth and his sincerity. In doing so, he shares with us much more than his life as a musician, Elle... Émoi is a one-man show. A formidable questioning on love, passion, the place of art in the life of an artist, the occasional confusion between art and the meaning of life. Beyond a show, Elle...Émoi is a tender and joyful moment in a musical and poetic company.

A taste of the show...

Sitting in his armchair, a musician evokes his long career spent in the pit of the Paris Opera. As he retraces his steps, he is caught up in his memories and wonders about all the women who have accompanied him. This evening again, he returned alone without HER, he seems decided, he wants to break up, to stop there, in short, to hang up. From then on, he opens the way to fundamental questions that he had never asked himself. Musical diversions and two-way confessions: he blurs the lines and leads us into an astonishing retrospective of his life as a musician.

Emmanuel Van Cappel - Author & performer

After obtaining several first prizes in trumpet, musical training and chamber music, he continued his artistic training with a master's degree in dramaturgy and scenography at Paris VIII. He soon associated acting with music and turned to young audiences through operas and educational concerts, where he excelled in the art of storytelling. A state graduate, he has also taught trumpet, chamber music and wind orchestra in various conservatories. He then proposed a new approach to teaching: a musical language based on gesture, listening and imitation. He still directs the wind band of Boulogne Billancourt.
In 2010, he devotes himself entirely to the stage and trains with Nadine Abbad and Jos Hooben. Since 2009, he is the author-performer of "Piston de Manoche", a favorite show of the Avignon Off Festival in 2011 which has exceeded 300 performances. In 2013, he joined forces with Syrano to create the "Grand Pestac" show for young audiences at the Franco site. In 2015, he plays and writes the music of "Vitesse grand "V "IAN" with the company Clin d'oeil de Gérard Audax in Orleans. In 2016 he presents "Elle... émoi" in Avignon at the theater of the Condition of silks then at the theater of the Small Dog in 2017.

A proposed show

in the context of the

Cultural Season 17 / 18


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Saturday, March 24, 2018 - 8:30 pm - Théâtre du Casino Barrière de Deauville - In partnership with France Bleu/Normandie

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