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Elixir of youth
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Cures Marines, Trouville-sur-mer

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What if it was possible to slow down the course of time? This customized program favouring prevention combines the expertise of our team with all our most efficient tools and treatments. The By Beflow measurement, a real body and mind scanner, estimates the stress rate and its impact on the body.

For personalized and lasting results, let’s start with 4 measurements
At the beginning of the stay
• 1 By Beflow measurement to measure the physical, mental and emotional condition
• 1 Nutrition and Anti-Age assessment, supported by two measurements: bioelectrical impedance analysis and OligoScan
• 1 UPulse Health check-up with a sports coach
At the end of the stay
•  1 “My Longevity Strategy” assessment

The global health program
The program follows the 5 Global health keys established by Dr Denis Lamboley. It is entirely personalized. Treatments and sessions are chosen according to the results of the assessments.
Balance & nutrition: nourishing your wellness
•  2 relaxing or body jet showers
•  2 hydromassage seawater bath
•  2 Iyashi Dôme sessions
•  2 seaweed remineralizing wraps
+ D-LAB advanced nutri-cosmetics supplements
Stress & emotions: joining body and mind
•  1 Bulle d’air breatheology session
•  1 Kansu massage
•  2 MusicÔrelax hydrojet sessions
Sleep & recovery: easing tensions and recovering
•  2 Terre mer and Énergie breatheology sessions
•  1 regenerating treatment by Thalassa sea & spa or
•  1 massage with precious stones
•  2 vichy shower massage or Watermass session
+ Dodow (in a room) to favour sleep
Beauty & youth: visibly more youthful
•  1 seawater scrub
•  1 New Skin Skin Perfusion peeling treatment by Filorga (25 min)
•   2 Expert Cryolift perfusion treatments to lift the skin’s surface Skin Perfusion by Filorga Cryolift (25 min)
Vitality & energy: boost energy and enjoy moving
•  3 sessions of personalized sport coaching

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