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Elixir of youth
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Cures Marines, Trouville-sur-mer

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Slow down the race of time: what if it was really possible? Based on a preventive and personalized approach, this program brings together all of the expertise of our teams, all of our tools and our most effective treatments. A true scanner of body and mind, the By Beflow measurement notably assesses the level of stress and its impact on the body.

For personalized and lasting results, tour begins with 4 assessments
At the start of your stay
• 1 By Beflow measurement to measure physical, mental and emotional fitness
• 1 Nutrition and Anti-Aging assessment, supported by two measures: impedancemetry and OligoScan
• 1 UPulse Health check-up with a sports coach
At the end of the stay
• 1 assessment "My Longevity Strategy"

The global health program
The program is built around the 5 keys to global health defined by Dr Denis Lamboley. It is fully personalized. The treatments and sessions are chosen according to the results of the assessments.
Balance & nutrition: nourishing your well-being
• 2 relaxing or silhouette jet showers
• 2 hydromassage sea baths
• 2 sessions of Iyashi Dôme
• 2 remineralizing seaweed wraps
+ Advanced nutri-cosmetic supplements D-LAB (supplement)
Stress & emotions: bringing body and mind together
• 1 Bubble Respi ology session
• 1 Kansu massage
• 2 MusicÔrelax hydrojets
Sleep & recovery: give up tension and recover
• 2 Earth and Energy Respi ology sessions
• 1 regenerating treatment by Thalassa sea & spa or
• 1 precious stone massage
• 2 massages in sea rain or Watermass sessions
+ Dodow (in the bedroom) to help find sleep
Beauty & youth: visibly staying young
• 1 scrub with sea water
• 1 Skin Perfusion New Skin peeling treatment by Filorga (25mn)
• 2 Expert Cryolift infusion treatments to lift the skin relief Skin Perfusion by Filorga Cryolift (25mn)
Vitality & energy: regain energy and the pleasure of moving
• 3 personalized sports coaching sessions

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