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Saint-Laurent Church

Named after its patron saint, the Saint-Laurent church is located on the heights of Deauville. It overlooks the city to offer one of the most beautiful panoramas in the area.

Abandoned at the time of the Revolution, the building was the parish church of the old village of Dosville since very ancient times. Its architecture contains in its oldest span a Plantagenet vault from the XNUMXth century as well as narrow windows rather resembling loopholes. It seems that this religious building served as a defensive bulwark for the population who lived in the heights at the time, concentrated around its sanctuary. Everything evokes Romanesque art, in particular the large door surmounted by a devout inscription.

The Saint-Laurent church was restored in 1977 with the participation of the fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent, a great art collector, recognized patron and friend of Deauville. This action earned him to be made an honorary citizen of the City.

The Saint-Laurent church was listed in the Supplementary Inventory of Historic Monuments on September 23, 1977.

Saint-Laurent Church Sandrine Boyer Engel