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The church of Blonville – Terre, Notre -Dame de la Visitation (12th century), has already a long history of almost one thousand years! A part of the tower bell dates back to the 12th century. His history is directly linked to that of Blonville. The place where the church has been built may seem weird after the development of Blonville/Mer along the coast but in the past centuries the population of Blonville was essentially rural and the coastal areas seemed a harsh environment to them. The marshes were much more extended than today.

In 1859, archaeologist Arcisse de Caumont drafted a precise description of the current church. It is orientated towards East-West, as every church. The oldest structures are the basis of the bell tower and the choir, both dating back to the 11th and the 13th centuries. The first building was built where you can now find the choir and the bell tower. This humble set is completed at the end of the 15th century by a large nave. After the Hundred Years' War, when Normandy had suffered for the presence of English and French troops and their soldiers of fortune, this area was enlarged. The end of the 15th century, which corresponds to the Renaissance, has seen a remarkable demographic development supported by an increase of resources, mainly agricultural, and more richness. Some constructions of this type have been possible again.

Guide books about the church and its history are on sale at the Tourist Information Office of Blonville-sur-mer.

The Association for the Notre-Dame de la Visitation church proposes summer visits: see the agenda.