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An eco-domain intends to be a benchmark place for the development of innovative use of natural resources. The objective is to enhance the land by installing ecological, economic and educational activities.

The Bouquetot Eco-domain, a sustainable site witness to the past

Former large livestock farm in the Pays d'Auge spanning 68 hectares, the Bouquetot estate, property of the Community of Communes Coeur Côté Fleurie, is a precious testimony to rural life and the Augeron heritage in the 2009th and XNUMXth centuries . The seven buildings, typical of traditional half-timbered architecture, are scattered in the middle of a wooded meadow. Eco-domain since XNUMX, the site is a benchmark place for the development of innovative use of natural resources. The objective is to enhance the land and the farm building by installing ecological, economic and educational activities. There is an organic market gardener in permaculture and a bakery, an organic cattle farm, treehouses, a space for the production of spirulina, earthworms, etc. Many educational activities are organized around the culture of spirulina, permaculture, edible plants ... as well as nature walks and a treasure hunt.

Les Roches Noires, a farm born from an innovative partnership

Les Roches Noires is an ecological area of ​​four hectares, the fruit of the association of a philanthropic traveler passionate about permaculture and an organic market gardener. The first wanted to make his land of black rocks a little paradise on earth, both for the eyes and for the stomachs, and the second was looking for a land to perpetuate his organic market gardening activity on living soil. Today, ten beehives, an orchard and an organic market garden in permaculture, with more than a hundred varieties of fruit and vegetables, a large part of which are old varieties, are grown and offered for direct sale. The opportunity to visit the farm, overlooking the sea with direct access to the beach, and discover agricultural techniques, a totally ecological eco-system where nature is preserved and a unique biodiversity.

La Ferme du Château, a culture of intergenerational bio

At the Château's family farm on the heights of Villerville, we have been growing organic for over 40 years around a castle built in 1769 for Messire Labbey de Gonneville. The land has been biodynamically exploited since 1979. This agricultural production system respects the standards of organic farming but also takes into consideration the lunar phases as well as preparations that promote soil renewal. A dozen varieties of vegetables, some of which are sometimes forgotten and cultivated depending on the season, eggs, apple juice and dairy products from the milking of farm cows are offered for direct sale. At a glance: The wall of the vegetable patch includes every 80 cm and at a height of 1,60 m, bones taken in the masonry and protruding slightly to attach originally the gaulettes (poles used to drop the fruit out of handy). A bone is rot-proof, while the iron fasteners rust, and the wood rots ...


The Castle Farm

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