The Domaine de Bouquetôt with a surface of 68 ha is an ancient breeding farm of the Pays d’Auge. It reminds of the countryside life and the Pays d'Auge heritage of the 17th and 18th centuries. This area, eco-domaine since 2009, is a landmark in the development of an innovative use of natural resources. The objective is enhancing lands and farms of the 18th century, setting up ecological, economic and teaching activities.

All around the typical half-timbered buildings, there's a shared garden and a bakehouse, a organic cattle breeding, treehouses, an area dedicated to the production of spirulina...  The concept of “éco-domaine” promotes cooperation among innovative companies, through an ecosystem of complementary activities in the fields of social and solidarity economy, and sustainable development. The Ecopya association proposes a wide range of teaching activities around aromatherapy, spirulina cultivation, natural beekeeping, permaculture, edible plants, but also walking tours and treasure hunts in the nature.

The activities offered at the Eco-Domaine:
- Ecopya: shared garden and bakery, teaching activities
- Élevage des parts: organic cattle breeding
- Les Noctam’bulles: treehouses
- HyES: spirulina assessment and production office
- AKAL Food: spirulina trade
- Fab21 Formation: centre of professional training, certified by Certi'bat, specialist in building envelope performance

inDeauville natural visits and strolls

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The Domaine de Bouquetôt stands out for the quality of its traditional structures and its landscaped environment. This former breeding farm of the Pays d’Auge stretching over 68 ha is a precious proof of the rural life and the Pays d’Auge vernacular heritage of the 17th and 18th centuries. It’s made up of 7 buildings disseminated in the middle of an orchard. These half-timbered buildings, typical of the traditional architecture, are the result of a venerable know-how.

Eco-domaine de Bouquetot
Chemin des Broches 14950 Saint-Pierre-Azif
Phone: +33 (0)9 72 58 22 02 -


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