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Cures Marines, Trouville-sur-mer

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All the treatments to choose from, depending on your day, your desires and your needs.

Prepare your skin
• body scrub with sea water
• scrub bar

To regenerate
• individual spa treatments
• wraps, among: detox, slimming, remineralizing, marine mud, moisturizer, light legs

Reshape your silhouette
• jet shower, marine drainage, Watermass session, Slim Cel wrap

To relax
• massages (25 minutes), among: Zen, relaxing or under sea rain massage, silhouette or back comfort massage, light feet or face and scalp massage

Reveal her beauty
• facial treatment, among: Freshness breath, Eternity breath

Regain its vitality
• coached sessions in heated seawater pool, among: Aquabiking, Aquarelax or Aquafitness

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