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David Dufresne

Selected for the 2019 Books & Music City Prize

David Dufresne is a French journalist, documentary maker and novelist born on April 02, 1968. He has written ten books of inquiry including We only live one hour, a trip with Jacques Brel (Le Seuil, 2018) and Tarnac, general store (Calmann Lévy, Journalism Awards 2012). He is the designer of the PhoneStories collection, stories of reality on mobile. He is the author-director of Off-side (2016, Arte / Upian), Dada-Data (2016, Arte / SSR SRG), Fort McMoney (2013, Toxa / Arte / ONF), he won the World Press Photo 2011 category non-linear work for Prison valley (2010, Upian / Arte). He has long been a reporter for Liberation and a member of the founding team of the Mediapart investigation site. David Dufresne also teaches new writing and emerging media at the Academy of Journalism and Media, University of Neuchâtel (Switzerland) and in the Department: Cinema and Audiovisual of Paris Sorbonne 3. He is also a member of the Audiovisual Directory Commission of Scam since September 2018.

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