May 10, 2018

Taste! In the kitchen at L'Essentiel

[Recipe] Carpaccio of scallops from the Seine Bay, endives with yuzu, Calamansi and passion fruit vinaigrette, lamb's lettuce and red shiso shoots

In pictures, the recipe to follow step by step

Hélène Reitzaum

At the helm of L'Essentiel, a 2018 Michelin-starred restaurant, Charles Thuillant and his wife Mi-Ra have developed an upscale French-Korean fusion cuisine, in a contemporary setting that has been renewed, sober and comfortable, favoring exchange, space and transparency.

Before cooking a scallop carpaccio of his own making, as refined as it is tasty, Charles takes us to the Deauville market, where he is a regular, to meet some of his suppliers, including market gardener Ludovic Lemarchand (Villerville), poulterer Etienne Peltier (Ferme de la Vallée - Reux) and fishmonger Chez Alain (Trouville-sur-Mer). An ideal opportunity to explain the philosophy behind his art, with its emphasis on short distribution channels. A cuisine that respects the seasons and local producers. The plate is alive," explains Charles Thuillant. It has to be built around the producers", most of whom are less than 100 km from l'Essentiel. "This proximity really allows us to juggle with the seasons and adapt to nature. If the product is of high quality, it will inspire us to create the plate."

Here, we feed the bellies and also, a little, the souls. We come to indulge ourselves.
Charles Thuillant, head of L'Essentiel
Hélène Reitzaum

The restaurant itself has been designed in line with this sustainable and responsible approach. "Everything that consumes energy has been put aside. We have removed the cold rooms - which represent space just for moving around - to keep only refrigerators and optimize this use of cold. All the lighting is LED. The kitchen has been completely redesigned to reduce water, energy and time consumption to a minimum, so that the time freed up can be devoted to customers and creativity, rather than maintenance", says Charles Thuillant. He adds: "Our job is to ensure that customers who come for pleasure leave with the same pleasure and the same desire to return. It's an essential link for the team, Mi-Ra and me."


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