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April 27th

Taste ! In the kitchen with Michelin-starred chef Maximin Hellio

[Recipes] Marans egg, Orbec mushroom - Jean-Marc Lebey apple, macadamia

In pictures, follow the chef's recipes, tips and tricks step by step

Helene Reitzaum

"We are here to honor all those people who make exceptional products. We select the best. We have to question ourselves every time." Maximin Hellio sums up his conception of the profession, which has earned him a star in the Michelin Guide since his installation in Deauville in April 2016. Named "Best Hope" and "Great of Tomorrow" in 2012 by Gault et Millau, Maximin Hellio seems to have an ambition like his cuisine, healthy and simple.

“My cuisine is modern and creative of course, but above all it respects the product. When I go to the Deauville market, I listen and I exchange a lot,” explains this young chef, who first made his arms with his father Michel at La Voile d'Or in Brittany where he had already won a star, then alongside Arnaud Lallement and Frédéric Anton (Le Pré Catelan) who "instilled certain values ​​in him".

Offer authentic, quality cuisine, accessible to as many people as possible, in a resolutely contemporary place where the atmosphere is friendly, chic and relaxed: this is the goal of Maximin Hellio, who invites us into his kitchens, to follow steps in step with the recipes of two "signature" dishes of the house: the Marans egg from Éric Caplier (Le Breuil-en-Auge), Orbec mushroom and yuzu, then the Apple of Jean-Marc Lebey, macadamia. Perfect cooking of the poached egg, homemade phyllo dough…: Maximin Hellio reveals some of his secrets here.

My cooking is sensitive, like me. She is modern and creative of course, but she is above all respectful of the product.
Maximin Hellio, Michelin starred chef