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Taste ! In the kitchens of the Garden

[Recipe] Angus beef chuck just snake, candied carrots, mashed potatoes

The recipe, to follow in pictures, step by step

Helene Reitzaum

A dive into the kitchens of the Garden, a restaurant with a modern style and a warm welcome embodied by its boss, Frédéric Cousinat (former head chef of the Drakkar), originally from Epernay, pleasant and generous.

In the kitchen, chef Pierre Gradespot pampers for us a tenderly tender Angus beef chop, just snaked, accompanied by mini-vegetables - candied carrots and turnips - and a mashed potato, just spiced with spicy juice. .

Constantly evolving, the menu has variations on foie gras, salmon, sweetbread or even scallops, when it is in season.

Helene Reitzaum

In the Garden, you will also have the opportunity to taste a camembert with truffles, but also one of the creations of the Martine Lambert glacier: the "famous" succulent (hazelnut praline, chocolate, caramel in a copper cauldron, almonds and hazelnuts roasted and equatorial chocolate sauce). 

Helene Reitzaum

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