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Taste ! In the kitchens of 1899, at the Manors of Tourgéville

[Recipe] Snails from Pré d'Auge in a lutée casserole dish

In pictures, follow step by step the recipe, the chef's tips and tricks

At the helm of the restaurant 1899 from the Manoirs de Tourgéville (4 * hotel), generously open to the surrounding countryside, Emmanuel Andrieu prepares inventive cuisine using the best local products. "We are fortunate to be able to do without Rungis; it is always pleasant to work with local producers and suppliers rather than with large industrialists. Fish from Trouville-sur-mer, Norman meat now labeled , the cream provided by the Ferme de l'Oraille (Douville-en-Auge) 10 kilometers away, "he explains. Since 2010, this young chef of Breton origin has given pride of place to Norman inspirations, reinterpreted with simplicity in a modern spirit.

Emmanuel Andrieu takes us into the kitchens of 1899 to decipher in pictures the preparation of snails from Pré d'Auge in a lutée casserole dish, in a warm atmosphere. Optimal cooking of farmhouse cream, the art of traditional puff pastry luting: valuable advice for a wonderful result.

We are fortunate to be able to do without Rungis; it's always fun to work with producers and suppliers nearby.
Emmanuel Andrieu, chef of 1899

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