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Taste ! In the kitchens of the Belle Époque

[Recipe] Double veal chop to share, potatoes, asparagus, peas and rosemary

In pictures, the recipe to follow step by step

Helene Reitzaum
Helene Reitzaum

At the heart of the Normandy hotel, the gourmet restaurant La Belle-Époque has set up, on the initiative of its chef Christophe Bezannier, a host of sharing dishes: blanquette with truffle, squid casserole, giant eclair or another Norwegian omelet to enjoy as a duo. 

For us, Christophe Bezannier details the preparation of this double veal chop to share, in particular the secrets of optimal cooking "at low temperature, with maintenance, and caramelization on the surface after cooking to find the crisp side".

How to compete in perfection, at home, in cooking meat, fish or vegetables? What is the Maillard reaction? Why add pepper at the end of preparation? How to fix chlorophyll in green vegetables after cooking? Which micro-vegetable is particularly suitable for meat? How to prevent the butter from burning? All the answers in pictures and in the kitchen, with Christophe Bezannier, Sarthois trained by Georges Blanc, Bernard Loiseau, Christian Willers or Bruno Oger. The Belle-Époque, or the art of infusing a brasserie style in a palace atmosphere. 

Simple, friendly recipes; this is really what we want to instill in the Belle-Époque.
Christophe Bezannier

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