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Taste ! In Martine Lambert's laboratory

When exceptional ice creams and sorbets reveal their secrets

In pictures, Martine Lambert offers you a privileged visit to her manufacturing workshop 

Helene Reitzaum

"A reflection that I still hear every day in my shop: It looks like eating the fruit. I never dare answer that it is normal! Because that's exactly what I'm looking for. "Thus, for more than 40 years, Martine Lambert has been delighting lovers of Deauville and even Paris with her wonderful ice creams and sorbets, where she has since opened a store (at 39, rue Clerc).

This adventure, Martine Lambert first explains by a “combination of circumstances. “Originally, she who was more intended for a career in advertising or at L'Oréal after studying Sup de co in Le Havre, was convinced by her husband (a graduate of INSEAD) to set up a business. of frozen products. In 1974, Martine rented a first store in Deauville to resell products from the Sorbetière de Paris. With the heatwave of 1976, her supplier no longer managing to supply her stocks, she decided to buy an ice cream maker. "I had to learn a lot. I met great chefs, pastry chefs. Little by little, we arrived at this product, in my image, that is to say authentic. A healthy, full product. of vitamins, made from fresh fruits and milk from Normandy. I feel a certain pride in the idea of ​​having maintained this tradition without cheating ", considers Martine Lambert before delivering her leitmotif:" To seek the quintessence of quality of the basic product to restore it as faithfully as possible. "

 “The texture of sorbets is very difficult to obtain without adding texture agents. You need a balance between dry and wet, knowing that a fruit contains 90% moisture. To avoid adding too much sugar and therefore too much dryness ”, Martine Lambert, for example, makes her passion fruit sorbet made from Brazilian Maracuja. “Its cellulose pod prevents adding too much sugar. Like all ice cream parlors, we could use frozen fruit juice. But that's part of our perfectionist madness. My luxury is there ”, in the optimal selection of the raw material. “In our business, the price of the raw material is not very important. [The most important item] is all the work that comes behind: packaging, logistics, transport… The poor peasants are right to complain because the raw material is not at its price! "

In pictures, Martine Lambert invites you to visit her laboratory in Deauville, through one of her flagship creations: the Succulent (hazelnut praline, chocolate, caramel in a copper cauldron, roasted almonds and hazelnuts, equatorial chocolate sauce).

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