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Thierry dreyfus

Photographer invited to the Planche (s) Contact festival in 2014

© Thierry Dreyfus

Thierry Dreyfus' reputation is in his collaboration with the fashion world, which he lit the fashion shows in 1983 (Versace, Jill Sander, Calvin Klein, the last Yves Saint Laurent fashion show in 2002) or the lighting of the great monuments of Paris, the Grand Palais, Notre-Dame, the basins of the Palace of Versailles. But by dint of mastering and directing light for fleeting moments, Thierry Dreyfus works as a photographer, a secret work for a long time, with a single goal, a single obsession, to capture light! Photographing lights which he did not create but which he observed and which moved him. He likes to capture and share the essence of light in photography (which literally means "writing of light").

In Deauville, he captured the lights, those of the sky but also the artificial lights. He looked at the landscapes at ground level. Designer of light, he had carte blanche to animate, light up the Chapel of the Franciscans, an unprecedented performance before its construction and renovation!