© Thierry Dreyfus
© Naïade Plante

Guest of the Planche(s) Contact Festival in 2014

The reputation of Thierry Dreyfus was born from his amazing work in fashion shows, started in 1983 (Versace, Jill Sander, Calvin Klein, Yves Saint Laurent’s last show in 2002), and from the lighting of the greatest architectural monuments in Paris – le Grand Palais, Notre-Dame, the basins of the Versailles castle. With great experience in lighting, Thierry Dreyfus started to be fascinated by photography, a hobby which he kept secret for a long time, with one sole purpose and obsession: capturing light. He photographs a light he doesn’t create, but he observes: a light that moves him. As the very definition of photography (that literally means “writing of light”), he captures and shares the essence of light through photography.

In Deauville, he captured the light of the sky, the artificial lights, and was given “carte blanche” to animate and light the Franciscan convent’s chapel before the beginning of the renovation works.