Bruno Doucey

Guest of the 2018 Books & Music Festival

For Bruno Doucey, born in 1961 in the Jura, poetry is an art of hospitality, “a journey through which we can combine our cultural and human heritage to build a new art of living together", a resistance that leads you towards light. After having directed the Éditions Seghers, he founded with novelist Murielle Szac in 2010 a publishing house promoting the poems of the world and the militant values.

But he is also a novelist committed to instil a new life to great poets murdered such as Max Jacob (Le carnet retrouvé de monsieur Max, Ed. B. Doucey, 2015), Marianne Cohn (Si tu parles Marianne, éditions Elytis, 2014), Victor Jara (Victor Jara, non à la dictature, Actes Sud Junior, 2008) Federico Garcia Lorca (Federico Garcia Lorca, non au franquisme Actes Sud Junior, 2010) and kabyle singer Lounès Matoub, (Lounès Matoub, Non aux fous de dieu, Actes Sud Junior, janvier 2018).

His latest collections, S’il existe un pays et Ceux qui se taisent were published by Éditions Bruno Doucey (2013 and 2016). Bruno Doucey, author of several poetry anthologies (Passagers d’exil, Guerre à la guerre, Vive la liberté, Chants du métissage, 120 nuances d’Afrique), has always kept transmitting the voice of poets, reading their poems at loud voice on several occasions.

Project manager of the Livre des déserts (Robert Laffont, 2005) and author of L’aventurier du désert (Elytis, 2010), he is, according to René Depestre, preface writer of his Poèmes au secret (Le Nouvel Athanor, 2007), « un arpenteur des solaires équipées du sable et du vent ».