Living and culture sharing place

After some months of work and reflection, the Franciscaines project underlines its vocation: being a friendly, cultural and artistic venue.

Orphanage for over a century, then a school and a living place for the Franciscaines sisters, it is now a large home open to everybody. Its belief: creating relationships, being a meeting and sharing venue.

Here, the itinerary is not set. Everybody is free to live the place as he/she wants.
The Franciscaines site answers to all aspirations: understanding, learning, enjoying, discovering, relaxing, taking a break, meeting, talking…The digital devices – collaborative and immersive – open up new itineraries to visitors, driven by their passions. It’s a unique and personal experience!

A place full of history

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At the heart of this unusual place

-Areas of permanent exhibitions whose mission is highlighting and celebrating the works made by painter André Hambourg and the Fonds de photographies of Deauville.
-A cloister – agora with a monumental and breathtaking architecture and everyday meeting place; a place adjusted to the city needs and artistic events.
-The heart of the temporary exhibitions – contemporary version of the cloister courtyard welcoming several exhibitions.
-An auditorium, venue of artistic events.
-A large dining room, full of novels to read sitting at the sharing table or in the adjacent garden.

The cloister courtyard leads to two floors of “galleries”.
Special feature: these galleries host museum collections and documentary resources. Paintings, books, films, music…are gathered in the same area.
The five themes proposed to the visitors are music, cinema, events; art of living; horses; Deauville heritage; youth.

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