Discovering & experiencing Deauville means

Patrice Le Bris

Walking along the Boardwalk with the sea for a garden

Béatrice Augier

Discovering Deauville architecture combining the extravagance of the Second Empire with the golden age of the Anglo-Norman style.

Golf Barrière Deauville


Playing golf in the heart of Normandy

Sandrine Boyer-Engel

Setting sail on the Estuary inspiring the painter Dufy

Sandrine Boyer Engel

Witnessing the unforgettable spectacle of a horse race

Sandrine Boyer Engel

Attending a show at the proscenium theatre of the casino

Orlando Bloom par Sandrine Boyer Engel

Discovering new talents of the American cinema

Ville de Deauville

and artists inspired by the light and atmosphere of the town

Calvados Boulard

Experiencing Deauville also means tasting the excellent local specialties

Patrice Le Bris

Switching off to recharge your batteries and contemplate the future

Sandrine Boyer Engel

Sharing experiences and inventing new challenges for all women participating to the Women's Forum

Sandrine Boyer Engel

Discovering & Experiencing Deauville means

discovering an area with its own constantly renewed identity and creativity.