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Isabelle Pellouin armchairs

Yacht dock
Next to Bac Deauville / Trouville


"Water is a vast world, I looked for inspiration in my daily life, the beaches of Deauville / Trouville and the trawlers that I see entering and leaving the Touques. On one side, the bathers, the other, the fish in the trawls. So on the air of "La maman des poisson" by Boby Lapointe, I thought of a can of sardines. So, I created a school of fish, the wooden slats of armchairs particularly suitable for this. "

As far back as I can remember I have always drawn, painted, tinkered… whether with paper, wood or fabric. I built my bubble with all of this. During my artistic studies at the Regional School of Caen, I explored various techniques of creation and printing. When I leave I create my publishing house: "Les Petites Manies", which allows me to produce in series, although it does not generally exceed 50 copies, literary objects. Literature, poetry, inspire me a lot in my creative process. The serigraphy, which allows me to make my editions, also gives me the possibility of designing and printing prints, which I regularly exhibit with the collective of "L'Encrage" (association of serigraphs in the Yvonne area Guégan) in Caen and elsewhere. I produce very few unique objects. I like series, it's less frustrating and we can share a lot more. Besides, I keep the idea in mind to build bleachers near the Deauville pier…

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