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Isabelle Pellouin armchair

Boulevard of the Sea


For the Inuit, Sedna is the goddess of the sea, whom they worship because she is the one who gives them the nourishment necessary for their survival. During their trance, the shamans use a large comb to style Sedna's long hair and soothe her anger.
According to legend, Sedna having no more hands to comb her hair gets angry regularly seeing the dirt that collects in her hair and that she can not remove. The stupidity of the men, as well as the wickedness which they show with regard to the animals are represented by defilements which come to be deposited progressively in the hair of Sedna. The latter, then very upset, keeps the sea animals near it and the people run out of food. It is necessary to respect Nature and women, and for Shamans, to be able to go into a trance in order to appease the anger of Sedna…

"As far back as I can remember I have always drawn, painted, tinkered ... whether with paper, wood or fabric. I built my bubble with all this.
During my artistic studies at the Regional School of Caen, I explored various techniques of creation and printing. When I leave I create my publishing house: "Les Petites Manies", which allows me to produce in series, although it does not generally exceed 50 copies, literary objects.
Literature, poetry, inspire me a lot in my creative process. Screen printing, which allows me to produce my editions, also gives me the possibility of designing and printing prints, which I regularly exhibit with the collective "L'Encrage" in Caen and elsewhere.
I produce very few unique objects. I like series, it's less frustrating and we can share a lot more. Besides, I keep the idea in mind to build bleachers near the Deauville pier ... "

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