Green dinosaur

Place Jean Mermoz



The emblem situated between Villers and Houlgate, the Vaches Noires cliffs, is a scientifically renowned palaeontological site.

Among other things, you can find the fossils of a 10-m-long pliosaur, a ichthyosaur, a sea “crocodile”, but also ammonites, sea urchins and sponges. To make this exclusive heritage popular, a giant dinosaur made of leaves has been placed at the heart of the city in the gardens situated in front of the Tourism Office. Throughout the years, it has become the real emblem of this resort. The dinosaur, 12-m long and 7-m high, is made of an iron frame filled with 6 tons of dirt where about 9,000 plants grow.

• 7.000 green pyrethrums for the highest part of the body
• 2.000 alternantheras or rubras for the lowest part of the body

It has been created in June - so that these plants may grow enough - by the green area service of the city, that will remove it in November. Its coming back is an opportunity to organize a much-anticipated annual event announcing the beginning of summer!

Please note that recently this dinosaur has been accompanied by his son. Effective landmark in the area, it is admired by visitors that have transformed it into the main target of their souvenir photos.

Le dinosaure de verdure (2)